Room Tones Sound Library

Room Tones Sound Library

  • - 135 different Room Tone Atmospheres
  • - Stereo, Stereo MS And 5.1 Surround Sound
  • - 13 original 11.1 3D Sound Room Tones
  • - IR1 Impulse Response Set compatible to Avid Space, Altiverb

Avosound Room Tones Sound Library

Room Tones And Impulse Responses

Avosound Room Tones Sound Library contains 135 Room Tones and The IR1 Impulse Response Set to create space from Stereo up to 3D Sound! Room Tones: no matter where we are, they are there as well. They usually go unnoticed, but they surround us constantly. They are our daily companions. They are everywhere. Always. They are here with me right now and they are with you too, as you read these lines. They stay in the background, but they are there. They are the low hum of a computer, the continuous whir of a vent, the consistent noise of a fan, the sound of an electric device. They are the sum of an infinite number of reflections, i.e. static noise.

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Room Tones And Impulse Responses

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, Sound Editor / Sound Designer,
"It's nice stuff - I hope to put it all to good use! Great to have around!"
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"And thank you for your awesome sounds! They all sound brilliant! Just what i needed."
, Sound Editor / Dubbing Mixer, New Zealand
"Thanks very much. From what I have heard so far, there is some great stuff in the library."
, Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer,
"Very nice set of sounds."
, Sound Editor, Canada
"Outstanding job, a ton of useful tracks here. Love the Impulse library as well."
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"Everything worked fine! The files sound really good, thanks! Keep up the good work."
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"I'm enjoying the library! Thanks and cheers, Federico"
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"The sounds are great and I already used them a lot in a project."
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"I think the library is going to be very useful, great product!"
, Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Germany
"And what I've heard so far pleases me very much."
, Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Germany
"But everything sounds really great!!!"
, Sound Editor, Italy
"I downloaded the files without any issues and used some of them already! Really good stuff"
, Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Belgium
"Thanks for your amazing job! Your room collection is a perfect starting point in many cases. I use this collection very often not to say it systematically. A must have for a sound designer."
, Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Israel
"Thanks for a great library."
, Sound Editor, United Kingdom
"Very useful library that I've used quite a bit already on the feature film I'm working on."

Room Tones and Impulse Responses in Stereo, 5.1 and Auro-3D® 11.1 Sound

The Room Tones Sound Effects Library contains 130 room tones, including 13 rooms presented for the first time in Auro-3D® 11.1 sound. All sounds were originally recorded in 5.1 surround sound or 11.0 3D sound and are available as stereo versions.

The Room Tones Sound Library includes electrical room tones; room sounds with different ventilation noises; room tones with clocks; quiet rooms; specific room sounds etc. All sounds are sorted and categorized.

Room Tones Demo And Preview

For preview and demo, please click here. All Room Tones track can be previewed in the Avosound Online Library: Room Tones Library Index

Sound design with Room Tones

Room tones convey an important message. They contribute to the mood and character of a room by making it either cold/hostile or warm/safe/familiar. They allow you to work creatively with ambient sound instead of just filling gaps in the original recording. Room tones are an important element of sound design and can be used very creatively. [LINK:385]Read more about working with room tones

Ready For 3D Sound Systems

The IR1 Impulse Response Set

The Room Tones sound effects library not only includes over 130 different room tones, it also contains the IR1 Impulse Response Set

The IR1 Impulse Response Set contains 54 sets of multi-channel impulse responses, some of them from the same locations as the Room Tone sounds. The impulse responses are intended to be used in creating multi-channel room tone atmospheres. Mix-up your mono or stereo content with the Impulse Response from IR1 to surround sound or real 3D Sound!

Compatible To Altiverb and AVID Space, ready for 3D Sound Formats

The IR1 Impulse Response Set is compatible to the reverb plug-ins Altiverb or Avid Space.

To support to new 3D cinema sound formats, they were recorded in multi-channel format up to Auro-3D® 11.1 sound. All impulse responses are available in mono, stereo, quad, 5.1 and 13 of them are recorded in Auro-3D® 11.1. This impulse responses are also compatible to Dolby Atmos. Because they contain audio information from the two sound layers, they are also compatible to Dolby Atmos. Just open another instance from your plug-in and create your 3D Space.

Read more about the IR1 Impulse Response Set or our detailed tutorial about how to create multichannel impulse responses.