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The documentary movie Sight and Sound - The Cinema of Walter Murch befasst is a 70-minute documentary dedicated to the work of sound editor and sound designer Walter Murch

Sight and Sound - The Cinema of Walter Murch is a 70-minute documentary from Jon Lefkovitz dedicated to the work of sound editor and sound designer, Walter Much.

Murch discusses the films The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, Touch of Evil, Jarhead, Ghost, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and many others.

Sight and Sound compiles a numbers of interviews and presentations given by Walter Murch. Sight and Sound The Cinema of Walter Murch has become a beautiful film, is free to watch and highly recommended to anyone interested in cinema and filmmaking.

Thank you Jon for your work!

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Image: Sound Designers Ben Burtt, Walter Murch and Gary Rydstrom in conversation about the film Making Waves

In this recording made during the Tribeca Film Festival, sound designers Ben Burtt, Walter Murch and Gary Rydstrom take part in a podium discussion about their experience and expertise.

Sometimes it seems so easy:

Gary Rydstrom - Sound Designer, ReRecording Mixer

Wenn du keine Budget für grosse visuelle Effekte hast, benutze Sound! Du kannst eine Geschichte sehr gut nur auf der Tonebene erzählen.

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The many sounds created by water are among the most impressive ones found on our planet. The roar of the waves, the thunder of breaking waves on gravel and sand beaches, and the soft, steady rhythm of small waves are all part of the ocean sounds that have been fascinating us since the dawn of time.

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88 new recordings in high definition sound quality in stereo and 5.1 surround sound from Hamburg. If you look closely at the map (sorry, but zooming does unfortunately not work), you will notice that railway stations are generally good places to hide from the hard rain. Hamburg features a host of impressively big train stations with beautiful halls that are well suited for recordings on bad weather days.

Read more about the new Avosound City Soundscapes Library.

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Avosound releases the new City Soundscapes Sound Library. City Soundscapes Hamburg includes 88 atmospheric tracks in High Definition 24 Bit / 96 kHz in Stereo, Stereo MS and 5.1 Surround Sound.

Join us on an acoustic journey through Hamburg. In the spring, Hamburg is full of surprises - so enjoy the rare moments when your socks aren't wet for a change! Read more about the new City Soundscapes Library from Avosound.

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Soundminer Version 5 Pro has just been released as a beta version for testing. To comply with the requirements of current operating systems, Soundminer V5 Pro is now fully 64-bit compatible.

[SMPRO5] now includes the integrated Radium sampler - connected directly to the sound database, it will make every sound designer's heart beat faster.

Reason enough, then, to take a closer look at the latest version of Soundminer.

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The Sounddogs Military Sounds Archive features 731 sounds and noises in the armed forces category, including fighter jets, Humvees, tanks and other armoured vehicles.

The Sounddogs Military Sounds Archive contains an impressive collection of fighter jets, including the classic F-14 Tomcat and the Harrier Jet. Both of these jets, however, are more likely to be bound in a scrapyard than on a runway these days. If the name doesn't immediately ring a bell, the Harrier was the plane that could take off vertically because of its rotatable jets (and, yes, it did look very weird and somehow just, er, wrong).

The good old F-14 is famous for being the jet of choice for Tom Cruise (aka Maverick) in Top Gun.

Read more about the Sounddogs Military Sound Effects Library

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Beautiful Bug Sound Effects Library Cover Image

Beautiful Bugs, a compact sound effects collection with 88 great and impressiv insect sound effects, is the lates release from film sound legend Ann Kroeber und Alans Splet.

The Beautiful Bugs sound effects library brings you 88 insect sound effects that were recorded and designed while working on major feature films including David Lynch's Blue Velvet and Peter Weir's The Mosquito Coast.

These masterful recordings were captured on excursions in the jungle of Belize, the Alaskan wilderness, muggy summertime North Carolina, and an insect lab in Berkeley, California.

The Beautiful Bugs Sound Library is on sale until August 7th 2018.

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10 new tips and tricks for the Soundminer programs. Find out what the IQ Transfer does, how to create a script or how to customize the search index.

But there are a few simple things among the new tips that are often requested: Transfer an effect that is longer than clip length? No problem, the solution is called Tail Size. Adding pictures? Well, user often ask that. Check out the new tips and become employee of the month by learning how to add a photo of your boss to the sounds.

Let's go to the Soundminer tips right now.

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