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Follow us on a four-week journey through Myanmar. Sweat in Yangon, sweat in Mandalay, cool down in airy temples, air-conditioned caf├ęs or Mrs Popcorns cozy garden.

Visit the jungle in Hsipaw, float in the hot air balloon over the monuments in Bagan at dawn and much more. In Myanmar, there are still many travel adventures waiting. Why not making an odyssey to Mrauk-U by bus??

But first we go to Yangon and Myanmar's sanctuary: the Swedagon Pagoda.

Let's go!

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Brand new and available since today: The new Avosound sound library Burmese Soundscapes contains more than 150 audio tracks from total four Burmese sound and atmosphere collections from Avosound. Let's go to the rural site of Myanmar with the Myanmar Atmospheres sound library, discover the jungle and hear the sounds of typical burmese birds and crickets.

All city sounds are collected in the City Soundscapes Myanmar sound effects library, including sounds from several Burmese cities, while the two cities of Yangon and Mandalay being available as own compact collections.

All Burmese Libraries are reduced through the next days!

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Avosound now has Popup Menus

Since today they are there: Popup menus in the main navigation of the Avosound website allow a faster and better navigation. They are beautiful, aren't they?

...Something not working?? Ok, send us a quick note. We haven't finish tested it, certainly not on Internet Explorer...

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Walter Murch - Question and Answers in the Curzon Cinema in London

Image: Walter Murch in the Curzon Cinema. I'm sorry for the poor image quality. @Apple: What's up with the cameras??

The Curzon Cinema in London presented Francis Ford Coppolas movie from 1974 The Conversation. The special thing about it was that The Conversations sound designer Walter Murch also was present for question and answers.

Walter Murch is one of the most pivotal persons of New Hollywood working variously as a first sound designer and later as film editor. His best known works are Francis Ford Coppolas Apocalypse Now, The Conversation and The English Patient, for which Walter won 2 Oscars for the same movie: best sound AND picture editing.

The Conversation

The Conversation is about Harry Caul (Gene Hackman), a socially withdrawn surveillance expert who is employed by a mysterious figure (Robert Duvall) and his assistant (Harrison Ford) to surreptitiously record a conversation between a couple. As Harry pieces together fragments of recordings, he uncovers a mystery - perhaps a murder - but as he finds out more, does he actually know less? The Conversation is a classic study of trust, intimacy, suspicion and paranoia.

All persons involved in moviemaking should watch The Conversation again. Specially directors and producers, but actually, everybody should watch it again! The Conversation is a brilliant example how sound, picture and music can work together without competing each other. I has room, it has space, it is raw but has a great presence. And for a second reason, The Conversation is a great example how to tell a story with sound, without constant chatter. It's not necessary to explain everything. Let the people watch - and hear.

Watch the movie two times minimum! Have a look at the perspective when you look the film for the second time. You will realize, that the movie is completely told from Harry Cauls perspective. And: We never go out of his head. Also have a look at the camera's perspective: They move like surveillance cameras and pan around without fear to they loose the main character! What a great work and thanks to Walter Murch for a very interesting evening.

The Conversation - IMDb

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Camden Town Bridge

London, you were fun. (Can you say so?) I know now what CCTV is, but I was never stopped by a kind agent.

Leicester Square London - Swiss Glockenspiel

I almost had to cry for joy at the wunderful Swiss Glockenspiel at Leicester Square. Such a beautiful thing should be in every city! I would like to thank the British Government and the Mayor of London for the courtesy but would like to point out that the clock on the opposite side runs completely wrong.

Please contact Mr. Hayek from Switzerland, I'm sure he'll fix that.

Tonight, we're going in the cinema, meeting our friend Walter. More about this tomorrow...

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Quality control in the pub - This is a pint of...

Well, that wasn't really difficult, right?

The quality control has given the full score here. ...I hope this is correct. My translator is on holiday...

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Quality control in the pub - image of a drink

Survey: What kind of [ add your own words for a great drink here ] drink is it here?

Solution: tomorrow...

By the way, you cannot win anything. At most my recognition :-)

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Thanks to Gordon Hempton for your thoughts.

There are often very good reasons why no one else visits certain places!

If you want to have a lasting career as a field recordist, you need to be aware of the many possible dangers lurking out there. Ultimately it is up to you how far you want to venture into the dragon's lair. But if you've seen the film The Revenant, for example, you will know the consequences of running into a bear in the wild...

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Field Recording London - Lawn and Lawnmowers

On a lawn belongs a lawn mower. If you stroll through the parks in London, you can be sure to meet both.

Well, my visit to London is, in the first place, to record some London sounds, as well as to see if everything is alright. My last visit to London has been a long time ago.

London Field Recording - Kings Cross - St. Pancras Train Station

Picture: What's happend in Kings Cross??

Inspection in Kings Cross

When I left Harry Potters train station Kings Cross, I had to look twice if I'm on the right place!

Of course, as a Swiss guy, I'm delighted about the cleanliness and the properly designed place behind the station. As you can see, the Bulldozers has done a lot of work. Where once all the fuc*ed up hovels was, now fancy companies like Google and Youtube reside there.

Well, I join the hipster, take a few shots and move on to Camden Town.

Field Recording - Camden Town

Inspection in Camden Town

Also Camden Town received a make-up. They put on trash cans and also done something here and there.

It is difficult to imagine that still such great bands like Skunk Anansie come up in this area.

I also made some records here, I'll publish some as soon as I find time to edit something.

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Field Recording Session London - House of parliament

...yes: London. If you haven't recognized that by yourself, I think it's time to visit London by yourself.

The next 3 day's I'll stroll through London, make some field recordings and see, if everything is still the old. I need to check a couple of pubs, meet my friend Alex and meet another friend Walter, but later more on that.

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