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10 new tips and tricks for the Soundminer programs. Find out what the IQ Transfer does, how to create a script or how to customize the search index.

But there are a few simple things among the new tips that are often requested: Transfer an effect that is longer than clip length? No problem, the solution is called Tail Size. Adding pictures? Well, user often ask that. Check out the new tips and become employee of the month by learning how to add a photo of your boss to the sounds.

Let's go to the Soundminer tips right now.

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The Odyssey Collection Sale Extended!

Our friends from Pro Sound Effects just have announced to extend the sale of the Odyssey Collection Sound Library! But hurry up, the sale ends tomorrow on may 15th! Save your Odyssey Essential Collection now!

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NEW: The Odyssey Collection: Expanded - A sound library created from the personal sound library from the two award winning sound designers Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. This incredible sound library contains more than 32,000 outstanding sound effects, atmospheres and special effects from more than 250 big-budget feature movies!

Click here to read more about the Odyssey Collection!

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ReWire enables system-internal exchange of audio data streams. Or in a nutshell: sharing audio playbacks between programs. In our case, we want to send the audio output from Soundminer to Pro Tools.

You're probably wondering why this should be good, after all, you just have bought a great Dolby Atmos processor or something else with extremely many outputs.

Unfortunately, there are some sticking points, especially when working with Pro Tools as Pro Tools does not like to share its hardware at all to other programms.

The ReWire makes it possible to monitor directly through your editing system and the hardware. So you can hear your playback with the current volume setting, you can control the audio playback with your controller like any other channel and you can playback multichannel files up to 7.1.

Let's check out how to enable ReWire!

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The DAW menu displays the applications that are currently open and able to communicate with Soundminer. If you are working with a 'common' editing system like Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix, Reaper... Soundminer will automatically make the selection.

If you are working with a different software like a picture editing system or a software sampler like Iris, make sure to select it! Depending on the application, Soundminer is now able to communicate with that system and share datas for example transfer path and others - which makes your work much easier!

Wow, show me more of that!

Please note: Your target app must be able to communicate or allow communication with Soundminer.

However, if Soundminer does not recognize your program, mail us! (Please don't mail us, if you're using Fairlight. Please see the next sentence...) But to be honest, in most cases the time has now come to switch to [insert here your own term for a contemporary system] editing system.

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A clear database structure helps keep your archive tidy and effective. We recommend that you divide your sounds into groups. Here you can find a list of databases we recommend. Check it out, the goal is to find a structure that suits you and your studio!

I can't wait, I want to see all Soundminer tips now!

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10 simple tips and tricks that will make your life better as a Soundminer user! If you are new to Soundminer, please enjoy these 10 simple tips that will help you get started - and welcome to the community!

If you already happen to be a loyal Soundminer user, feel free to test your knowledge. Who knows, you might still pick up a new trick here and there.

Okay, let's go to the Soundminer tips now!

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Stallion Sound Effects Library - by Alan Splet and Ann Kroeber

Pro Sound Effects releases the new Stallion Horse Sound Effects Library, created by film sound legend Alan Splet and Ann Kroeber.

Stallion provides 89 unique horse sound effects, such as gallops, canters, trots but also a nice selection of vocalization sounds like complaining whinnies, horse laughter, snorts, grunts and other things, horses do.

So, let's whinny??

Read more about the Stallion Horse Sound Effects Library by Alan Splet and Ann Kroeber

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Trekking in the jungle in Hsipaw. After nightfall it will be pitch-dark in the Burmese jungle and eeiry beings awaken. How big may this cricket be?

Recorded in the jungle of Hsipaw, Myanmar.

More jungle adventures can be found here

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Jungle trekking is a great experience and an excellent alternative to travelling on muggy busses. A hike through the jungle has a refreshing effect on body and soul -- and even if it might seem a bit arduous in the moment, you will have plenty of stories to tell later on.

Again and again you meet the typical asian cricket chorus. Large groups of crickets chirp together and stop chirping like on a secret commando.

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You can find all information about jungle trekking in Hsipaw here if you want to go on a jungle trek by your own - and finding back again.

More information about the complete 4 weeks trip to Myanmar can be found here.

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