Desolation Soundscapes Compact - The Sound of Nothing

Desolation Soundscapes Compact - The Sound of Nothing

  • - 31 Audio Tracks with Sounds of Isolation
  • - powerful Background Atmospheres, rich in character
  • - more than 1 Hour of Audio Material
  • - Stereo Version in 24 Bit / 48 kHz

Desolation Soundscapes Compact

Desolation Soundscapes Compact contains 31 audio tracks of concentrated silence as stereo version from the Desolation Soundscapes Library. These recordings were made in some of the most remote areas of the world and are part of the Mountain Soundscapes collection. Although these recordings technically contain 'nothing', their timbre adds force and expression to to a scene. 'Nothingness' is a powerful sound with many variations. When used properly, the Desolation Soundscapes convey infinity and vastness, yet at the same time they can also signify constriction and quietude. Desolation is the background color of a scene, the basic color of its acoustic image. Desolation is the sound horizon.

5 Customer Reviews

, Sound Editor / Sound Designer,
"It's nice stuff - I hope to put it all to good use! Great to have around!"
, Re-Recording Mixer / Supervising Sound Editor, Canada
"These tracks are great! Truly pristine recordings that are perfect for the post apocalyptic landscapes that inhabit the film I'm currently working on. Well done."
, Sound Editor / Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer, United States
"...the sounds were very useful since the entire film took place outdoors in a forest/jungle."
, Composer / Sound Designer, Sweden
"Everything worked just fine and it sounds good too!"
, Sound Designer / Sound Editor, United Kingdom
"I'm very impressed with the quality of these recordings and I'm sure they will prove to be an extremely valuable addition to my ambience library, after all you can never have too many high quality SFX!!"

Desolation Soundscapes Compact, Overview

Desolation Soundscapes Compact - The Sound of Isolation Desolation Soundscapes - The Sound of Nothingness
  • 31 Audio Tracks in Stereo and compact 24 Bit / 48kHz resolution
  • Desolation Soundscapes - Static Background Tracks From The Avosound Mountain Collection
  • Desolation Soundscapes Video Clip
  • Desolation Soundscapes - Recordings Of Atmospheric Noise
  • Atmospheric Backgrounds - As Pure as Possible
  • Original Recordings - Real Sounds for Real People
  • Sound Recordings From Iceland to Tibet, New Zealand and Switzerland

Desolation Soundscapes Compact - Video Clip