Soundstorm Motion Picture Sound Library

Soundstorm still is one of the most comprehensive sound library out there! SoundStorm's won an Academy Award® for The Ghost and The Darkness, and credits include features films like Tomb Raider, The Fast and the Furious, Queen of the Damned, Collateral, Holes, The Postman, Pleasantville, Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, Miami Vice (tv), The Fugitive, Clearn and Present Danger, Torque, Elf, The Core, The Sum of All Fears, Scary Movie, Three Kings, 8MM, U.S. Marshalls, LA Confidential, A Time to Kill, Dangerous Minds, Under Siege, Star Trek Nemesis, Blood Work, Heartbreakers, The Replacements, Space Cowboys, Dudley Do-Right, The 13th Warrior, Quest for Camelot, Speed 2, Absolute Power, Hollywood Homicide, Miracle, and many-many more.

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4 Customer Reviews

, Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer,
"All sound supervisors at Disney use this library. Great recordings, awesome sound effects, covers all entities."
, Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer,
"Soundstorm is great! Outstanding library with great sounds that are difficult to find elsewhere."
, Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer, Germany
"SoundStorm to me is a very very feature rich library with a wonderfully natural sound to its recordings. It almost feels like you are browsing through the field recordings and sound design building blocks of your own sound team. Many variations even to short single sounds, wonderfully coloured backgrounds and ambiences and not at all "loud and flashy" but rather a very natural and realistic sound. I understand why it has so often been highly recommended to me."
, Sound Editor, Germany
"I'm really excited by the Soundstorm Sound Library. You could call this library a swiss army knife."

Soundstorm Sound Library

Soundstorm Screens Picture
  • more than 52,000 great sound effects
  • ~49'000 General Sound Effects
  • more than 3,000 Atmosphere Tracls
  • more than 300 acoustic categories
  • Won Oscar for The Ghost And The Darkness, several nominations for Accademy Award and Baftas
  • Well-organized archive with comprehensive metadata and sound categories