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Sounddogs - Cartoon

  • Number of Tracks: 1352 Sound Effects
  • Cartoon (1107), Cartoon And Comedy (210), Foley (23), Wood Impact (4),
  • Sounddogs - Sounddogs - Cartoon

    Sounddogs - Sounddogs - Cartoon

    The Sounddogs Cartoon Effects Pack - Featuring Boings, Giggle Walla, Slacks, Springs, and 1352 other hilarious sound effects which makes your audience laugh

    Sounddogs - Cartoon is a Sounddogs product.

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    Sounddogs - Cartoon Overview

    • 1352 Sounds and Noises - (This number could also include CD Index numbers)
    • Overview of Sounddogs - Cartoon
    • 2.5 GB of Audio Material in 24 Bit / 48kHz Sound Quality, available for Download
    • Sounddogs - Cartoon is a high resolution sound library with 24 Bit / 48 kHz.

    Overview of Sounddogs - Cartoon

    This overview lists the sound effects categories of the Sounddogs Sounddogs - Cartoon according to the original track list. This list is based on the original metadata from the products sound files and allows a simple and easy way to import the files into your sound library administration software like Soundminer.

    The Soundminer programs offer comprehensive tools and features for a modern workflow to administrate, search, find and transfer soundfiles directly to your editing system. Never heard of it? Read more about the industry-standard production system Soundminer and why it will make your editing day faster and easier than ever before!

    Sounddogs - Cartoon contains 19 categories

    • Baby Vocalizations
    • Bells
    • Boings
    • Cartoon
    • Cartoon And Comedy
    • Cartoon Fx
    • Comedy Fantasy Fx
    • Electrical Electricity Static
    • Foley
    • Footsteps
    • Horns And Alarms
    • Humans
    • Impacts
    • Industry
    • Kisses
    • Miscellaneous
    • Pops
    • Voices
    • Wood Impact

    This list is merely an overview. Please consult the Sounddogs - Cartoon track sheet for more information and a complete overview of all the recordings.