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Winterforest Ricken, Switzerland, © by Avosound

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Blog: New Sound Effects Collection Released: Beautiful Bugs - by Filmsound Legend Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet

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4 Weeks in Myanmar - Field Recording and Travel Log

Avosound Field Recording and Travel Log - 4 Weeks through Myanmar

The Anti-Antisocial Field Recording Method

The Anti-Antisocial Field Recording Method: 12 Ways to improve your Sound Recordings

Image: Avalanche Barrier, Swiss Mountains © by Avosound

We Create High Quality Sound Effects And Noises

Avosound Desolation Soundscapes Sound Effects Library

Collecting the sounds of the world

We collect the sounds of the world on our travels. From the Tibetan highlands to the jungles of Vietnam and Myanmar and the concrete skyline of New York: we create high-quality sounds and atmospheres from all over the world.

We love what we do –– which is why we sometimes travel to the ends of the world for our sound design collections.

Collecting The Sounds Of The World

We Offer High-Quality Sound Effects

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Sound Archives

Together with our partner labels we offer a massive selection of professional sounds effects and noises for all needs.

From atmosphere archives and standard sound collections to sound design archives, our products offer solutions for companies of every size: from small project studios to massive media conglomerates with thousands of employees.

Together with our partners we will find the fitting license for your application. Please read more about group licenses and license options for sound archives.

Online Sound Library - We Offer High Quality Sound Effects

The Avosound Online Sound Archive contains more than 150,000 downloadable sounds and noises from more than 20 top-of-the-line sound archives.
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Manage Your Sounds With Soundminer

Experience boundless creativity with the innovative tools from Soundminer

Soundminer is the standard software for the administration of sound and music archives and is used around the world in professional sound and video editing applications.

Focus on the essentials of your production––and let Soundminer do the rest. Soundminer offers solutions that serve companies of every size: from small project studios to massive media conglomerates with thousands of edit suites.

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End of the world

Avosound Desolation Soundscapes Sound Effects Library

Sounds from the end of the world

We have been known to travel to the remotest corners of the world in order to record unique and pristine sounds for our archvies.

Just before the ocean cascades off the edge of the earth, you will encounter ice floats, seals, seagulls and the sounds of the Desolation Soundscapes Archive from Avosound.

Image: Hornstrandir, Iceland © by Avosound

We Love What We do

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Image: Farewell Spit, New Zealand © by Avosound

Real Sounds for Real People - Collecting the Sounds Of The World