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Industrial Soundscapes 5.1

Industrial Soundscapes 5.1

Avosound - Industrial Soundscapes 5.1

Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 gives you more than 700 spectacular Surround Sound Effects and Ambient Tracks recorded in various industrial facilities. These can be used to create new sounds or otherworldly ambient tracks. This Library offers you unlimited creative possibilities - whether youre a Sound Designer or Editor. Particularly well-suited for Science Fiction and/or Fantasy projects!

Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 is an Avosound product.

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, Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Editor,
"The surround sounds from the swiss guys are very beautiful."
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Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 Overview

  • 107.99 GB of Audio Material in 24 Bit / 96kHz Sound Quality, available for Download
  • The Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 is a high definition sound library and comes in 24 Bit / 96 kHz for download.

Overview of Industrial Soundscapes 5.1

Below is an overview of the Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 from Avosound sound categories. All Tracks from Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 are available for individual downloads. You can preview all the tracks in mp3 quality in the Avosound Online Sound Library.

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Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 contains 52 categories

  • Cutter
  • Electric Misc
  • Elevator
  • Industrial Alarm
  • Industrial Ambience
  • Industrial Assembly
  • Industrial Bottling Plant
  • Industrial Conveyor
  • Industrial Drive
  • Industrial Extrusion Press
  • Industrial Fan
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Industrial Grinding
  • Industrial Hammer
  • Industrial Hammer Mill
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Industrial Mill
  • Industrial Packing
  • Industrial Papermaking
  • Industrial Planing
  • Industrial Pneumatic
  • Industrial Printer
  • Industrial Pump
  • Industrial Quarry Mill
  • Industrial Relay
  • Industrial Robot
  • Industrial Roll
  • Industrial Rumbling
  • Industrial Saw
  • Industrial Shipping
  • Industrial Sonic Welder
  • Industrial Steel Works
  • Industrial Welding
  • Metal Blow
  • Metal Crash
  • Metal Hit
  • Metal Impact
  • Metal Rumbling
  • Metal Scrap Metal
  • Metal Squeeze
  • Motor Combustion
  • Motor Electric
  • Room Tone Basement
  • Room Tone Electric
  • Room Tone Hall
  • Room Tone Industrial
  • Room Tone Relays
  • Room Tone Room
  • Room Tone Ventilation
  • Room Tone Weird
  • Weaving
  • Wood Blow

This list is merely an overview. Please consult the Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 Avosound Online Sound Library Index for more information and a complete overview of all the recordings.