City Soundscapes Yangon

City Soundscapes Yangon

  • The City Soundscapes Yangon Sound Archive contains 53 audio tracks with over 100 minutes of sound material from Myanmar's capital city.
  • City Soundscapes Yangon contains recordings of street and city atmospheres, temples, harbours, restaurants, street food, markets and more. Visit the Shwedagon pagoda!

City Soundscapes Yangon Sound Archive

City Soundscapes Yangon - Streets of Yangon

The City Soundscapes Yangon Sound Archive contains 53 audio tracks with more than 100 minutes of sound material from Myanmar's capital city. The City Soundscapes Yangon Sound Archive is part of City Soundscapes Myanmar and the Burmese Soundscapes Sound Archive and contains recordings from Yangon exclusively. City Soundscapes Yangon contains recordings from Yangon's streets, markets, temples and restaurants. Join us at the jetty port and admire the countless boats transporting passengers across the Yangon river with much noise; or enjoy the night atmosphere together with countless Burmese people on the Shwedagon pagoda.

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Yangon - Myanmar's capital city

City Soundscapes Yangon - Weird vehicles abound

Unlike other Asian cities, Yangon's streets are not clogged with countless mopeds. The traffic actually moves in a relatively orderly fashion, with cars appearing to be the preferred mode of transportation. Apart from shiny new cars, the streets are also busy with rickety old buses that make a hell of a noise and come with their very own announcers who - at the top of their lungs - inform passengers about the direction of travel and the number of the bus. In a similarly shouty way, they also make sure that passengers mount and dismount quickly. Unless you actually understand the Burmese language or are able to read it, you better travel on foot.

Only the boat will take you across the river

Yangon is separated by its eponymous river. There are no bridges across it, so the only way to travel to the other side of the city is by taking one of the big ferries or, alternatively, one of the countless little boats that offer taxi services. At rush hour, the jetties are busy with incessantly sputtering little motor boats that bring people across the river.

City Soundscapes Yangon - Boat Jetty in Yangon

Myanmar's Sanctuary: the Shwedagon Pagoda

City Soundscapes Yangon - Shwedagon Pagoda

It glitters with gold and countless gem stones in the centre of Yangon: the Shwedagon pagoda is the sacred national symbol of Myanmar and houses - according to legend - eight hairs that belonged to the buddha (before he gifted them more than 2,500 years ago). As soon as the sun sets, the halls and rooms of this magical place around the 90-metre-high stupa begin to fill with Burmese pilgrims and families visiting their saints and celebrating their religious feasts. If you can't make it to this impressive place, here's your chance to at least listen to its sounds and atmosphere. But a visit to this radiant place is still highly recommended -- you won't ever forget it again.

All Yangon tracks are available for download

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All Yangon tracks are available for download

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