Sound Ideas Series 6000 Sound Archive

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Sound Archive

  • - 7,546 Noises and Sounds
  • - General Standard Sounds and Noises from all Acoustic Categories
  • - Extensions as Individual Packs or as a Series 6000 Combo Sound Archive

Sound Ideas Series 6000 The General

Sound Ideas Series 6000 The General

One of the most sophisticated and popular sound archives in the world is the Series 6000 from Sound Ideas. More than 7,500 licence free sounds, atmospheres and noises are contained in this archive that spans 40 audio CDs - now also available on a hard drive as the Series 6000 Combo Collection, including all extensions.
The Sound Ideas Series 6000 The General contains more than 50 hours of sound material in its basic edition. The sounds collected in this archive were recorded and selected with great care and have become post-production standards; their quality has set the bar for every other archive since. "The General" is the foundation of every professional sound archive and offers a wealth of material for everyday use.

Series 6000 The General is a Sound Ideas product.

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The Sound Archive Standard from Sound Ideas

The General is Sound Ideas' reference archive, containing a wide spectrum of sounds: animal and bird noises, background voices, fire, household, industrial noises, military, office, sports, traffic and vehicles, water, weather and much more. Apart from short individual noises, this archive also comes with extended atmospheres from all over the world. Also included are sounds created by foley artists and spectacular sound FX tracks designed by industry stalwarts Randy Thom, Frank Serafine, Mike McDonough and Alan Howarth.

The Series 6000 The General won the prestigious Game Developer Hall of Fame Award. It is the only sound archive you will ever need. If you work with sounds and noises, you simply need the Series 6000 The General.

Sound Ideas Series 6000

The Series 6000 Sound Archive has become the standard in many sound studios and post-production houses and is the foundation of every sound archive. Sound Ideas' Series 6000 covers all acoustic categories. Downloads come complete with metadata for immediate use in Soundminer or all other metadata-reading software.

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extensions

Series 6000 - Extension 1

The first extension of the famous Series 6000 Sound Archive continues the success of the Sound Ideas collection with an additional 3,200 sounds and noises. The first extension fits in seamlessly with the basic collection of the Series 6000 and comprises 20 audio CDs (now available as a download, of course) with a wealth of new sounds and atmospheres in outstanding quality - all of them recorded professionally and ready to be used in your production.

This impressive sound archive is extensively researched and exquisitely compiled from original recordings. The first extension from Sound Ideas contains sounds from all acoustic categories: airplanes, cars, alarm sounds, animal noises, voices, sounds for a barbecue, bells, bicycles, buzzers, still cameras, video cameras, clocks, all sorts of small mechanical devices, crowds, explosions, guns, shots, glass, industry, metal and much more. To compile and edit these new, exciting sounds, many famous sound recordists and sound designers worked countless hours in their sound studios.
Extension 1 of the Series 6000 is both the perfect addition to Sound Ideas Series 6000 The General as well as a self-contained sound archive. Read more about the first extension.

Series 6000 - Extension 2

Sound Ideas continues the Series 6000 with more than 1,000 additional, highly impressive licence free sounds and noises. The second extension of Series 6000 contains more than 1,000 crystal-clear and unique sounds and noises that live up to the high standards of the previous collections.

The second extension of Sound Ideas' Series 6000 contains a multitude of useful and popular sounds and atmospheres, e.g. sounds of military jets on an aircraft carrier; cars that swerve with squealing tires; boats; foley sounds of small things like tin cans, breaking noises...Various crowds; doors; a flame thrower; breaking glass (variants); extensive recordings of snow mobiles. More about the second extension.

Series 6000 - Extension 3

The third extension of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 is another important extension. Containing more than 1,800 brilliant license free sounds and noises on 10 audio CDs (now available for download), the third extension breaks new boundaries. Cutting-edge sound FX include a complete collection of all-terrain vehicles, cars, guns and pistols; plus a spectacular selection of weapons, battles, horror sounds, impact noises, falling things, crowds, doors, explosions, punches, vehicles, hissing noises, whooshing noises and much more. Add the third extension of the Series 6000 to your sound collection - now ready for immediate download. Get the third extension!

Series 6000 - Extension 4

The fourth extension of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 contains an additional 1,000 sounds and noises originally compiled on 10 audio CDs and now available for download. From practical to unusual sounds, this archive offers a massive expansion of your collection. Search the index of this sound archive and discover a collection of recordings that include Humvees, airplanes, heavy road and pavement construction, industrial atmospheres, stone and wood noises, water, rain, liquids...and many other spectacular sounds. Check out the track sheet of the fourth expansion or click here to find out more about this archive...

Series 6000 - Extension 5

With the fifth extension of Series 6000, Sound Ideas add another 1,200 sounds and noises to their collection, continuing the successful tradition of the Series 6000. This extension to the Series 6000 features spectacular new recordings of cars, trucks, motor bikes, racing cars, stock cars, freestyle motocross, thundering B-24 and B17 bomber plane flyovers, military jets, NASCAR racing, funny cars, video game music, ice and snow FX, impact sounds, rain and thunder, paintball sounds and noises. Please click here to read more about the fifth extension of the Series 6000.

Series 6000 - Extension 6

Sound Ideas continue the popular Series 6000 sound archive with the sixth extension that adds another 2,500 sounds and noises to the collection. The 2,500 sounds and noises comprise all sorts of audio recordings in every imaginable acoustic category: new recordings of airplanes; foley sounds of car doors, mailboxes, crackers, spray cans...and lots of (breaking) noises of glass, doors and chairs. Sound Ideas also recorded a cash register, the inside of a casino, computer and comedy sounds, laugh tracks, crowds, applause, as well as exterior sounds including rain, water, wind and air.

More information about the sixth extension of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 as well as the track sheet can be found here.

Series 6000 - Extension 7

More than 2,000 royalty free sound FX and noises are included in Sound Ideas' seventh extension to the Series 6000 - available on audio CD or, more conveniently, for download. This versatile extension of the Series 6000 sound archive offers a comprehensive collection of professionally recorded sounds, atmospheres and noises that occur in everyday life (as well as some extraordinary and specialised ones). In the seventh extension archive you will find all sorts of exciting war machinery that was used before the advent of industrialisation: stone catapults and the sounds that accompany them (e.g. raining debris, soldiers, archers, swords, breaking bones, destruction and body falls). Also included is a nice collection of a bow and arrow sounds as well as a proper battle axe. All we can say is: let the slaughter begin!

Stay up to date and expand your Series 6000 collection with the seventh extension, featuring more brilliant sounds.

The seventh extension contains a great collection of airplanes, ambulances and many other sounds that can be found on the track sheet. More info about the seventh extension.

Series 6000 - Extension 8

The eighth extension of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 sound archive adds another 1,500 sounds and noises to the collection. This versatile extension contains sound recordings of all sorts of animals (e.g. dogs, snakes, horses), cars (BMW, Jeep, Volvo, Lincoln), atmospheres (public places, crowds, restaurants, hospitals), public transport and traffic (bus, train, subway, trucks). In addition, this archive features domestic sounds and noises (e.g. espresso machine, antique watch, folding chair, oven door, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, leaf blower). The eighth expansion of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 completes the Series 6000. More info about the 8th expansion.

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