Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension 9

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension 9

  • The ninth expansion of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 includes 2500 sounds and sounds from all acoustic areas: transport, industry, construction, noise, household, water, sports and much more.
  • Specially for the ninth extension, Sound Ideas added some wild west sounds like horse drown carriages, saloon sounds and more!

Sound Ideas Series 6000 - 9th Extension

The ninth Extension of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 is a general sound effects collection and add another 2500 sounds to the famous collection. This great extension contains some unique sounds like historic western town ambiences, horse drawn carriages, stagecoaches, Native American dance ceremonies.

A special part of the library contains a ton of terrified screams, sounds from dental and medical equipment as well as a wide selection of general sound effects like cars, aircrafts, boats, marine, crash and impacts, foley sounds, industrial sounds, household, water and sport sound effects.

The ninth Extension of the Series 6000 sound effects library is recorded in 24 Bit /48 kHz and is available for download.

Series 6000 Extension 9 is a Sound Ideas product.

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Sound Ideas - Series 6000 Extension 9 Sound Effects Library

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension 9 - Overview

  • General sound effects extension with more than 2500 sound effects - Aircrafts, Transportation, Cars, Trucks, historic sounds from the wild wild west, stagecoaches, foley sounds, household and sport sounds, industrial and water sounds and much more.
  • Overview of Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension 9 Sound Effects Library
  • Direct Download
  • GB in 16 Bit /44.1 kHz Resolution for Download, including all Metadata
  • We offer this Archive in 24 Bit / 48 kHz Resolution for Download. Please inquire for other Resolutions (e.g. 16 Bit / 44.1kHz or 16 Bit / 48 kHz).

Overview of Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension 9 Sound Effects Library

This overview lists the contents of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension 9 Sound Effects Collection according to the original audio CDs. Now all these sounds are available for download - complete with metadata for easy import into an administration software like Soundminer or any other metadata-reading software.

  • Air, Gases And Steam
  • Airplane Exterior Perspectives, Passenger Jets
  • Air Boats and Swamp Boats, Airplane Exterior, Perspectives, Vintage Airplanes and Propeller Planes
  • Airplane Exterior Perspectives, Fighter Jets And Bombers
  • Aircraft Crashes, Alarms, Engines, Doors, Hydraulics, Computers, Beeps, Aircraft Bathroom Sounds
  • Alarms, Buzzers, Fire Engines, Equipment and Sirens, Beeps
  • Historical Ambiences, Walla, Chatter, Idle Crowd Sounds, Horse Drawn Carriages, Wagons and Sleds
  • Bells, Vintage Entertainment, Tape Recorders, Telephones
  • Metal Impacts, Hammers, Other Hand Tools, Miscellaneous Industry, Machinery and Tools
  • Dodge, Ford, Cadillac, Vintage Cars, Porsche, Volkswagen, Chevy, Ferrari, Electric Cars
  • Car Skids, Crashes, Breaks, Tires, Cargo Van, Trucks, Buses
  • Air, Gases and Steam, Space Explosions, Miscellaneous Crashes, Hits and Impacts
  • Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Football
  • Bells, Door Bells, Buzzers, Other General Office Equipment
  • Bicycles, Mountain Bikes
  • Boats, Sailboats, Rowboats, Motor Boats, Fire Boat, Horns,
  • Horse Drawn Carriages, Wagons and Sleds
  • Foley: Household, Cloth, Dishes, Tools, Kitchen, Crashes, Splashes,
  • Crowds
  • Hospital, Medical and Dental Equipment
  • Power, Electric and Pneumatic Doors, Wood Doors and Gates, Accordion, Bifold and Folding Doors, Castle, Drawbridge and Stone Doors, Gates, Antique Doors, Latches
  • Latches, Metal Doors and Gates, Door Creaks and Squeaks
  • Elevator Doors, Engines, Motors and Machines
  • Industries and Factories, Factory and Industrial Equipment
  • Fireworks
  • Helicopters
  • Fishing, Swish, Swoop, Swoosh and Swipe Foley
  • Ice and Snow Footsteps, Wood Footsteps, Earth, Dirt, Mud and Sand Footsteps, Creature Stomping and Footsteps
  • Female Only Human Voices, Screams and Yells
  • Teen Voices, Female Only Human Voices, Screams and Yells, Laughter
  • Cheering Medium Indoor Crowds, Excited, Surprised, Amazed and Positive Crowds, Stadium and Arena Crowds, Ice Hockey and Ice Skating
  • Caves and Caverns, Ocean, Surf and Waves, Bubbles, Drips and Splashes
  • Crowd Chants, Charges, Phrases and Countdowns, Drum Music
  • Rock, Dirt, Gravel and Concrete Impacts, Stone, Rock and Gravel Foley
  • Trains, Transport, Trucks

This list is merely an overview. Please consult the track sheet for more information and a complete overview of all the recordings.

Sound Ideas Series 6000 The General

One of the most sophisticated and popular sound archives in the world is the Series 6000 from Sound Ideas. More than 7,500 licence free sounds, atmospheres and noises are contained in this archive that spans 40 audio CDs - now also available on a hard drive as the Series 6000 Combo Collection, including all extensions.
The Sound Ideas Series 6000 The General contains more than 50 hours of sound material in its basic edition. The sounds collected in this archive were recorded and selected with great care and have become post-production standards; their quality has set the bar for every other archive since. "The General" is the foundation of every professional sound archive and offers a wealth of material for everyday use.

Sound Ideas Series 6000 The General

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Combo Sound Archive

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Combo Sound Archive

The Series 6000 Combo Sound Archive contains all Sound Ideas Series 6000 sounds and noises from the 6000 sound archives and extensions. Imagine more than 20,000 sounds and noises (the contents of 120 audio CDs) now available for download.
The Series 6000 is the flagship of the Sound Ideas collection and has become a standard archive in many sound studios, broadcast stations and production houses around the world. Sound Ideas set the bar high with the Series 6000, which explains why the Series 600 has become so popular around the world.

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