Sound Ideas Impact Effects

Sound Ideas Impact Effects

  • Impact Effects features 605 deeply impressive sound FX. Impact Effects mainly contains impact sounds.
  • In a nutshell: lots of things get t(h)rashed. Add to that sounds of destruction, explosions and debris––everything you need for a full-on, heavy crash.

Sound Ideas Impact Effects 1 Sound Library

Sound Ideas Impact Effect Sound Archive

Impact Effects from Sound Ideas makes quite an impression with 605 sounds and noises created by hitting or beating on various materials. Rock, plastic, metal, stone, wood, glass and human bodies get beaten, punched and battered. Impact Effects shoots guns at bodies and features sounds of breaking fingers, plummeting bodies as well as many impact and crash sounds. Impact Effects thrashes people and things, resulting in 605 distinctive sounds and noises.

The Sound Ideas Impact Effects sound archive will help you let off some steam -- with baseball bat and sledgehammer!

Impact Effects 1 is a Sound Ideas product.

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Impacts Effects 1 Sound Archive - Overview

Impacts Effects is the first of three Impact Effects Archives from Sound Ideas and offers mainly destruction sounds. But Impact Effects also features a wealth of impact sounds (like bullets or arrows) hitting different materials.
In addition, the archive contains a nice collection of impact hits on materials of various sizes, e.g. ice buckets, plastic containers, rocks and stones, wood, etc. Impact Effects even includes the sound of meteorite hitting the planet.

This overview lists the contents of Impacts Effects according to the original audio CDs. All of the sounds are now available for download, of course, and include metadata that can be read by administration software like Soundminer and all other metadata-reading software.

  • Arrow sound effects: body and wood hits
  • Car crashes and explosions
  • Body falls (created with heavy gym balls made of leather) and hitting sounds
  • Body falls (created with heavy gym balls made of leather) and breaking bone sounds
  • Sounds of collapsing buildings and ceilings
  • Bullets hitting bodies, glass, metal and wood
  • Traffic Crashes and Car Crash Test Dummies
  • Flying debris sounds
  • Earthquake sound effects
  • Slight fall
  • Plummeting rash and hits
  • Gas and house explosions
  • Falling through glass, impacts and breaking/bursting
  • Muffled, heavy, light, soft hits
  • Hitting people
  • Junkyard crash sounds
  • Knife punctures body and wood
  • Mass destruction sounds
  • Metal crashes, plummeting metal, metal blows
  • Meteorite impact
  • Plastic material crash, crumpling, twisting, plummeting plastic, plastic hits
  • Stones: falling, impacting, splintering
  • Bags: falling, hits
  • Subway Crashes
  • Sword hits and punctures
  • Wood: breaking, cracking, falling, wood hits

Sound Ideas gave us their word that no human beings (not even assistants) or animals were hurt during the production of this archive.

This list is merely an overview. Please refer to the track sheet for a complete and detailed list of all recordings.

This sound archive is also part of the Extreme Impact Combo sound archive

The Extreme Impact Combo lands blow after devastating blow with more than 3,300 sound effects and noises for extra impact. The contents of the Extreme Impact Combo were culled from seven of the most impactful and destructive sound archives ever produced by Sound Ideas. You will definitely have your needs met by this collection!

More about the Extreme Impact Combo Sound Archive

Crash And Burn Sound Effects Library

The Crash and Burn sound archive from Sound Ideas raises the bar in terms of destruction sounds. This collection is chock full of explosive action, from blowing stuff up with dynamite and grenades to throwing Molotov cocktails. Apart from fireballs, gun shots and cannon fire, this archive also features a wealth of catastrophe sounds (e.g. raining debris, body falls and body hits).

Crash and Burn is your perfect choice for disaster sounds. Unleash a tornado or cue an earthquake without actually injuring anyone (except the hapless protagonist in your current project). So let's blow something up with the Crash And Burn Sound Archive from Sound Ideas.

The Dark Side of Sound Archive

The Dark Side of Sound from Sound Ideas is a deliciously dark collection of sounds and noises that will create drama, fear, tension and horror. It also contains a nice selection of creatures, monsters, ghosts, vampires, zombies, haunted houses and many other spine-tingling sound FX.

The horrifying sounds of The Dark Side of Sound will scare your pants off! A word of caution, though: the sounds and atmospheres in this archive are so terrifying that you will leave the light on in the studio -- all night! Just look at the woman's terror-stricken face on the cover of The Dark Side of Sound. She already heard the sounds contained it's your turn. Are you ready for your dose of horror? Click here to open the gates of hell with the Dark Side of Sound archive

Impact Effects Sound Archive

Hammers and baseball bats: the Impact Effects 2 sound archive uses both of these tools to thrash all sorts of objects, resulting in 698 additional sounds and noises. But Impact Effects 2 from Sound Ideas features even more destructive sounds, including an airplane crash and a piano being thrown out of a window.

Impact Effects 2 continues the wreak havoc with even more spectacular sounds and noises: throwing ceramic pots against walls or onto the floor, hurling glasses, shooting guns at objects, thrashing a car with a metal rod etc. Sound Ideas' Impact Effects 2 sound archive also offers a free keyboard that comes with the package...well, sort of. At least you don't have to bust your own keyboard to record the sound of it breaking...

Impacts Effects 2 is used by all Avosound employees for stress relief and anger management and comes highly recommended by the Avosound team therapist. Beat stress -- with the Impacts Effects 2 Sound Archive

Impact Effects 3 Sound Archive

Impacts Effects 3 from Sound Ideas adds 622 destruction, demolition and impact sounds/noises to your collection of destructive sounds. Impact Effects 3 stages car crashes and beats on an oil drum (before throwing it around). Bottles get kicked, thrown and broken. Glass breaks and light bulbs go flying. A sledgehammer hits the floor and luggage is thrown around (the perfect holiday). A TV set gets demolished...and, of course, more mayhem.

Impacts Effects 2 gave you a free computer keyboard (theoretically, anyway), Impact Effects 3 goes one step further and throws your beloved tube monitor out of the window. This helps relieve stress and sorts out all sorts of IT problems. Nevertheless, the Avosound stress therapist recommends that you use the sounds on Impact Effects 3 instead, which is a much safer solution (and it also helps you get rid of the printer in a similar way!).

Impacts Effects 3: Recommended by the Avosound stress therapist!

PowerSurge 1 Sound Archive

The PowerSurge 1 Sound Archive is all about devastation as well, but with an emphasis on electricity. With PowerSurge from Sound Ideas you don't need to hire an electrician anymore to create some sparks. This collection includes electrical sparks, zaps and beeps as well as recordings of electrically generated lightning.

In addition to the electrical sounds, PowerSurge 1 features a collection of explosion sounds, including debris and all sorts of destructive activity. Just what you need to embellish the consequences of a short circuit! PowerSurge 1 contains 300 sounds and noises available for direct download. Make the sparks fly with the PowerSurge 1 Sound Archive

PowerSurge 2 Sound Archive

The PowerSurge 2 Sound Archive from Sound Ideas expands the collection of electrical sounds and noises with 260 additional sounds. PowerSurge 2 switches on massive floodlight installations, produces loud electrical discharges and features a number of scanner sounds and science fiction noises (e.g. transformations, lazer beams, pulsing sounds, energy fields and digital data transmission). PowerSurge 2 does not only contain electrical sounds, it also features some impact sounds as well. More infos and track sheet for the PowerSurge 2 sound archive