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Stallion - By Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet

  • Recorded and designed by film sound legends Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet (well known for their work with David Lynch), the Stallion sound effects library includes an incredible variety of unique and characteristic horse sounds including footsteps, hooves, movements and vocalization.


Pro Sound Effects - Stallion

Stallion is a unique horse sound effects collection of 89 selected sounds by sound magicians Alan Splet and Ann Kroeber, honored for their incredible work with a Special Achivement Academy Award for Sound Edition on The Black Stallion.

Many of these horse sounds were produced for the award-winning films The Horse Whisperer, The Black Stallion and Hidalago and are now being published for the first time exclusively in a separate collection.

Intensify your projects with rumbling racing gallops, thumping canters, steady trots, and heavy rhythmic breathing. Bring creatures to life with the emotive whinny and neigh sounds of mustang stallions plus strong snorts, charming grunts, light nickers, and guttural exhales.

This collection of horse sounds extends your sound library with the impressive sounds curated from the Label Sound Mountain: Kroeber and Splet’s venerable private recording collection created over decades of film sound work with celebrated directors like David Lynch, Carroll Ballard, and Peter Weir.

Stallion is a Pro Sound Effects product.

2 Customer Reviews

"Because of his good ears and his technical ability, Alan Splet would record things that had maximum power… He recorded these beautiful winds, and they are just beautiful. They just make you soar out."
"Ann Kroeber has a unique ability to provide one-of-a-kind sound effects. Both as a recordist, and as the knowledgeable gatekeeper of a vast, renowned library, Ann has given me great sounds that lead to great ideas."
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Stallion Overview

  • 1.1 GB of Audio Material in 24 Bit / 48kHz Sound Quality, available for Download
  • Stallion is a high resolution sound library with 24 Bit / 48 kHz.