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The Odyssey Collection - Update

  • The Odyssey Collection Upgrade - This upgrade from the Odyssey Collection adds another 16,000 sounds from the personal sound library from the award winning sound designers Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. Use this Upgrade as a stand-alone extension or extend your Odyssey Essential Sound Library to a massive collection with more than 32,000 sounds with more than 295 sound categories.

Odyssey Expanded Upgrade

Pro Sound Effects - Odyssey Expanded Upgrade

Upgrade your Odyssey Collection with more than 16,000 sound effects from the personal sound effects library from the sound legends Mark Mangini and Richard Anderson.

This Upgrade of the Odyssey Collection expandes the Odyssey Essential Library to the Odyssey Expanded Collection and is also available as an individual sound effects collection.

The Odyssey Collection is a comprehensive and unique sound effects collection from the personal sound archive of the two filmsound legends Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. Both sound designers received a wide variety of awards and nomination for their incredible and pioneering work in film sound. The Odyssey Collection enriches every production with rare and difficult-to-find sound recordings and is an important addition to any sound archive.

Odyssey Expanded Upgrade is a Pro Sound Effects product.

4 Customer Reviews

, Sound Designer / Sound Editor, Germany
"Huge pack of really all-useful hardfx and backgrounds at a very attractive price point. Quick and easy to find, thanx to the great metadata. I’m very happy with this upgrade for my sound library."
"The Odyssey Collection is rife with characterful sounds that are tried and tested. It's like an injection of authenticity. PSE did a great job of putting all this content into a library that makes sense to navigate and is full of lovely surprises."
"These are the kind of sounds that I’m always looking for - everything has character and a great cinematic feel. Even the normal, everyday sounds have the feeling of being part of a scene. I’m amazed by the variety, quality and organization."
"Absolutely stellar – so much usable source. Even the metadata is great, with suggestions on what it *could* be used for. It feels like it’s not just been recorded with purpose, but subsequently filtered via its usability – highly recommended!"
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Odyssey Expanded Upgrade Overview

  • The Odyssey Expanded Upgrade and will be shipped on a hard drive or another medium.

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