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  • Odyssey Complete includes more than 100'000 sound effects, atmosphere and effects from all Odyssey libraries. With the Odyssey Complete Sound Effects Library, the two sound design veterans Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson share their unique sound collection from their personal sound archive with us. The Odyssey Complete Collection features unique sounds from over 36 years of tireless work. All sounds expertly captured while creating the sound for more than 250 feature films and tv shows.

Odyssey Complete

Pro Sound Effects - Odyssey Complete

Odyssey Complete includes more than 100'000 sounds from all Odyssey Sound Libraries. Elevate your projects with the sounds from the award winning sound designer Mark Mangini and Richard L Anderson. For the fist time ever, sound artists can access the same sounds of two industry greats - award-winning sound designers Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson.

Both men are award-winning movie sound designers and have written film history with their creative work. You can find their remarkable work over decades on blockbuster movies like Blade Runner 2049, The Green Mile, Aladdin, Poltergeist, Mad Max, Lion King, Edward Scissorhands and many more.

Mark and Richard - thank you for sharing your knowledge, your work and your experience with us. You influenced with your work and your creativity a whole generation of sound designers. Thank you for sharing your sounds with us and for providing an insight into your archive.

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Odyssey Complete is a Pro Sound Effects product.

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  • The Odyssey Complete and will be shipped on a hard drive or another medium.