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Core 3 Creator Bundle

  • The Core 3 Creator Bundle contains everything you need to deliver your best sound always. The Core Bundle is desigend to be a great sonic resource at the best price! The Core Creator Bundle is a powerful and compact sound effects bundle delivering the basic to get you started with award winning sound quality. The Core Creator Bundle contains more than 20,700 Sounds on 70GB from more than 350 acoustic categories.

Core 3 Creator Bundle

Pro Sound Effects - Core 3 Creator Bundle

Start in the professinal audio world with the Core Creator Bundle. The Core Creator Bundle is a starter bundle for post production sound and contains over 20,700 sound effects from over 370 sound categories.

The Core Creator Bundle sound effects library contains sounds from Oscar® winners Marc Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. This compact sound collection represents an exclusive and great selection of sound from the Odyssey sound library to the best price ever. Go-to general libraries, storied specialty libraries, intuitive Search software, and access to extra sounds means you’ll find what you need, right when you need it.

Core 3 Creator Bundle is a Pro Sound Effects product.

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