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Animal Planet Sounds

  • Animal Planet Sounds contains 728 Sounds and Recordings from some of the nature's moste distinctive and exclusive creatures.

Animal Planet Sounds

Hollywood Edge - Animal Planet Sounds

Animal Planet Sounds contains 728 Sounds and Recordings from some of the nature's moste distinctive and exclusive creatures.

The Animal Planet Sounds Collection from Hollywood Edge brings you face to face in front of rare and dangerous animals like geese and goats, cattle and dolphins. Meet bears and birds, elks and penguins, lions, pigs, ducks or run away from leopards or cougars.

Animal Planet Sounds also includes a very nice variety of natural backgrounds and atmospheres, recorded on seven continents adhering to the highest standards for documentary production, these special recordings comprise an unsurpassed resource for productions requiring realistic sounds of the natural world.

Animal Planet Sounds is a Hollywood Edge product.

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Animal Planet Sounds Overview

  • 707 Sounds and Noises - (This number could also include CD Index numbers)
  • Overview of Animal Planet Sounds
  • 5.84 GB of Audio Material in 24 Bit / 48kHz Sound Quality, available for Download
  • Animal Planet Sounds is a high resolution sound library with 24 Bit / 48 kHz.

Overview of Animal Planet Sounds

This overview lists the sound effects categories of the Hollywood Edge Animal Planet Sounds according to the original track list. This list is based on the original metadata from the products sound files and allows a simple and easy way to import the files into your sound library administration software like Soundminer.

The Soundminer programs offer comprehensive tools and features for a modern workflow to administrate, search, find and transfer soundfiles directly to your editing system. Never heard of it? Read more about the industry-standard production system Soundminer and why it will make your editing day faster and easier than ever before!

Animal Planet Sounds contains 155 categories

  • Air And Steam Steam Vent
  • Animals Barnyard Barnyard
  • Animals Barnyard Bull
  • Animals Barnyard Cattle
  • Animals Barnyard Cows
  • Animals Barnyard Donkey
  • Animals Barnyard Goats
  • Animals Barnyard Lamb
  • Animals Barnyard Pigs
  • Animals Barnyard Sheep
  • Animals Bird Bgs Bird Backgrounds
  • Animals Bird Bgs Ducks
  • Animals Bird Bgs Eagles
  • Animals Bird Bgs Geese
  • Animals Bird Bgs Pelicans
  • Animals Bird Bgs Seagulls
  • Animals Bird Bgs Water Birds
  • Animals Bird Singles Albatross
  • Animals Bird Singles Blackbird
  • Animals Bird Singles Cardinal
  • Animals Bird Singles Chicken
  • Animals Bird Singles Chicks
  • Animals Bird Singles Conya
  • Animals Bird Singles Crane
  • Animals Bird Singles Crows
  • Animals Bird Singles Dipper
  • Animals Bird Singles Dove
  • Animals Bird Singles Ducks
  • Animals Bird Singles Eagles
  • Animals Bird Singles Finch
  • Animals Bird Singles Geese
  • Animals Bird Singles Gooney
  • Animals Bird Singles Hawk
  • Animals Bird Singles Hawks
  • Animals Bird Singles Ibis
  • Animals Bird Singles Jungle Birds
  • Animals Bird Singles Lapwing
  • Animals Bird Singles Lily Trotter
  • Animals Bird Singles Loons
  • Animals Bird Singles Macaw
  • Animals Bird Singles Magpie
  • Animals Bird Singles Mockingbird
  • Animals Bird Singles Nutcracker
  • Animals Bird Singles Owl
  • Animals Bird Singles Oyster Catcher
  • Animals Bird Singles Parakeet
  • Animals Bird Singles Parrot
  • Animals Bird Singles Puka Puka
  • Animals Bird Singles Raven
  • Animals Bird Singles Red Tailed Tropicbird
  • Animals Bird Singles Robin
  • Animals Bird Singles Sage Grouse
  • Animals Bird Singles Sandhill Crane
  • Animals Bird Singles Swallow
  • Animals Bird Singles Swans
  • Animals Bird Singles Wings
  • Animals Bird Singles Woodpecker
  • Animals Bird Singles Wren
  • Animals Cat Cheetah
  • Animals Cat Cougar
  • Animals Cat Domestic Cat
  • Animals Cat Leopard
  • Animals Cat Lions
  • Animals Cat Tiger
  • Animals Dog Coyotes
  • Animals Dog Domestic Dogs
  • Animals Dog Fox
  • Animals Dog Snow Dogs
  • Animals Dog Wolves
  • Animals Horse Breaths
  • Animals Horse Eating Drinking
  • Animals Horse Group
  • Animals Horse Milling
  • Animals Horse Single Footsteps
  • Animals Horse Sleigh Carriages
  • Animals Horse Tack And Gear
  • Animals Insects Bgs Bats
  • Animals Insects Bgs Bees And Wasps
  • Animals Insects Bgs Cacadas
  • Animals Insects Bgs Cicada
  • Animals Insects Bgs Cicadas
  • Animals Insects Bgs Crickets
  • Animals Insects Bgs Flies
  • Animals Insects Bgs Forest Beds
  • Animals Insects Bgs Frogs
  • Animals Insects Bgs Jungle Insect Beds
  • Animals Insects Single Beatle
  • Animals Insects Single Bee
  • Animals Insects Single Cicada
  • Animals Insects Single Flies
  • Animals Jungle Bgs Jungle Insect Bird Beds
  • Animals Jungle Bgs Jungle Insect Frog Beds
  • Animals Jungle Birds Amazon Bird Calls
  • Animals Marine Beaver
  • Animals Marine Dolphins
  • Animals Marine Penguins
  • Animals Marine Salmon
  • Animals Marine Seals
  • Animals Marine Whales
  • Animals Monkeys Baboons
  • Animals Monkeys Capuchin
  • Animals Monkeys Chimps
  • Animals Monkeys Gibbon
  • Animals Monkeys Howlers
  • Animals Monkeys Monkeys
  • Animals Monkeys Orangatan
  • Animals Monkeys Squirrel Monkey
  • Animals Wild Alpacas
  • Animals Wild Bears
  • Animals Wild Beaver
  • Animals Wild Bison
  • Animals Wild Buffalo
  • Animals Wild Camel
  • Animals Wild Capybara
  • Animals Wild Crocodiles
  • Animals Wild Donky
  • Animals Wild Elephant
  • Animals Wild Elephants
  • Animals Wild Elk
  • Animals Wild Guanaco
  • Animals Wild Impala
  • Animals Wild Komodo Dragon
  • Animals Wild Llama
  • Animals Wild Moose
  • Animals Wild Otter
  • Animals Wild Pica
  • Animals Wild Prarie Dog
  • Animals Wild Ram
  • Animals Wild Rhino
  • Animals Wild Snakes
  • Animals Wild Vicuna
  • Animals Wild Zebra
  • Fire Fire Ext
  • Water Nature Brook
  • Water Nature Bubbles
  • Water Nature Caves
  • Water Nature Creek
  • Water Nature Drips
  • Water Nature Geyser
  • Water Nature Glacier
  • Water Nature Hot Springs
  • Water Nature Lake
  • Water Nature Lapping
  • Water Nature Rain
  • Water Nature Rivers
  • Water Nature Stream
  • Water Nature Surf
  • Water Nature Waterfalls
  • Weather Thunder Thunder
  • Weather Wind Breeze
  • Weather Wind Cold Wind
  • Weather Wind Heavy Wind
  • Weather Wind Light Wind
  • Weather Wind Mountian Wind
  • Weather Wind Whistling Wind

This list is merely an overview. Please consult the Animal Planet Sounds track sheet for more information and a complete overview of all the recordings.