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1 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.ECD_4.wav Summer, Ambience: Summer Atmosphere - Quiet English Downland During Summer, A Lark Sings From 2"05"" To 2"28"", Distant Aircraft - 1980 (1B8, Reprocessed) (technical Note - To Be Used At Low Level)
2.0 4:13


Summer Ambience

Nature Ambience
2 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.EC1_1.wav Summer, Ambience: Atmospheres, Summer: Woodland, North Wales. (Technical Note, To Be Played At Low Level)
2.0 3:36Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience
3 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.ECD_2.wav Summer, Ambience: Summer Atmosphere, June - Recorded During Hot Weather With Close Buzzing Of Bees - 1981 (1B15, Reprocessed)
2.0 5:07Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience
4 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.ECD73.wav Summer, Ambience: Moorland, June - Exmoor Atmosphere With Chaffinch, Redpolls, Distant Cuckoo, Cattle, Sheep, Raindrops - 1979 (1B14 , Reprocessed)
2.0 5:08Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience
5 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.ECD_1.wav Summer, Ambience: Woodland Edge, Summer - Recorded In Wales, Distant Jet Aircraft, 1980 (1B8, Reprocessed) (technical Note: To Be Used At Low Level)
2.0 3:44Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience
6 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.ECD74.wav Summer, Ambience: Small Town In Summer - With Birds, Distant Traffic And Some Speech - 1980 (1B9, Reprocessed) (technical Note - To Be Used At Low Level)
2.0 4:36Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience
7 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.ECD_3.wav Summer, Ambience: Summer Atmosphere - Quiet Welsh Hillside During Summer - Distant Traffic - 1980 (1B8, Reprocessed) (technical Note - To Be Used At Low Level)
2.0 2:59Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience
8 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.EC1B9.wav Summer, Ambience: Backgrounds: Atmosphere, Small Town, Summer, Birds, Distant Traffic And Some Speech. (Technical Note, For Use At Low Level).
2.0 6:20Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience
9 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.ECD72.wav Summer, Ambience: Woodland Edge, June, Early Morning - Thrushes And Willow Warblers Predominate, Occasional Crow, 1979 (1B14, Reprocessed)
2.0 5:10Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience
10 BBC Sound Effects Library AtmospheresSummer.BBC.ECD68.wav Summer, Ambience: Rosenborg Gardens, Copenhagen, Sunday Morning, Summer
2.0 3:30Ambience Summer Ambience Nature Ambience