Soundminer HD Plus

Soundminer HD Plus

  • Set new standards in sound- and picture editing with Soundminer HD Plus. Use direct transfer to Pro Tools, Pyramix, Media Composer, Steinberg and many more.
  • Soundminer is the industry-standard software for the administration of sound and music archives.

Pro Pack for Soundminer HD Plus Windows

Pro Pack is an extension for Soundminer HD Plus Windows users and enables new pro function like VST support, new player functions and much more for to make your daily work easy. The Pro Pack is an add-on and requires and an existing license of Soundminer HD Plus Windows.

Pro Pack is only available for windows users. If you work on mac and want more pro features, please switch over to Soundminer V4 Pro. You can find all information about the upgrade on our Soundminer Upgrade page.

The Pro Pack adds important and comprehensive new features and functions to HD Plus. Scroll down for more information about the functions like the VST rack, leg picker, audio recorder and more.

Pro Pack for Soundminer HD Plus Windows

Soundminer PLUS Purchase Options

Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS Product Artwork

Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS

Upgrade your Soundminer PLUS 64bit for Mac, Windows and Universal with extended functions from the Soundminer PRO PACK Addon for PLUS. Read more about Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS

Soundminer PLUS Apple Product Artwork

Soundminer PLUS Apple

Make your editing day easier with a comprehensive and reliable tool to manage your sound effects library. Read more about Soundminer PLUS Apple

Soundminer PLUS Universal Product Artwork

Soundminer PLUS Universal

Soundminer PLUS Universal has all the great benefits of PLUS for both the Macintosh and Windows platform - Your iLok license will run on either operating system. Read more about Soundminer PLUS Universal

Soundminer PLUS Windows Product Artwork

Soundminer PLUS Windows

Make your editing day easier with a comprehensive and reliable tool to manage your sound effects library. Read more about Soundminer PLUS Windows

Soundminer HD Plus Windows Extensions

Soundminer HD Plus Extensions for Windows Systems

With the announcement for the ProPack for Windows, Soundminer finally closes a gap that many Windows users have been waiting for a long time. Soundminer has long been recognized for its work on the Macintosh platform and many pro Windows users have asked for a 'pro' version for their preferred platform. Well, it's here. The ProPack is a collection of specifically designed features for the professional sound designer on Windows that parallels the Soundminer v4.5 Pro product for Macintosh.

Soundminer HD Plus ProPack for Windows - An Overview

The ProPack for the Windows version of Soundminer HD Plus has a variety of new features, which is know from the big Soundminer V4 Pro application for mac. The ProPack has new features like the Multi-channel leg picking, higher sample rates up to 192kHz, our reknowned VSTRack, metadata workflows, Soundminer V4.5 waveform controls, and more.

Try now for free!!

Why not test the new functions? Send us an e-mail with your iLok ID and let us know if you are an existing HD Plus user or if you also need HD Plus for testing. Then we come back to you with all the download details.

Soundminer HD Plus: New Audio Player Functions

Soundminer Zoom In And Out Points

New Zoom In- and Outpoints - One of the nice changes is the Waveform from the Soundminer V4.5 Pro product line. This has spring markers which allow you to quickly zoom in, drag to adjust your in/out points and release to zoom back out.

Hand-Tool Moved

Because the springs are up at the top of the waveform, that made the old way of transferring (move the mouse up to the upper 1/3 of the waveform and click, hold, then drag) not very usable! For now there is a new hand icon in the upper right of the waveform, use that to transfer the current sound to under your cursor where you can drag it to wherever you want in the target application.

You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and if you hold the SHIFT key down while using the wheel, you can adjust the vertical zoom of the waveform. This allows you to visually expand the vertical height of the waveform to see quiet details.

New Key Commands To Navigate the HD Plus Audio Player NEW

This new key commands were introduced to the revised HD Plus audio player:

  • [,] - [COMMA]: will start playback from the beginning of the clip
  • [;] - [SEMICOLON]: will zoom into the selection
  • ['] - [APOSTROPHE]: will reset the zoom to the furthest out point
  • [i] - while playing will mark an inpoint
  • [o] - while playing will mark an outpoint

If you are a Soundminer v4.5 Pro user and think that this would be nice features, than simply test it out! This functions come out from V4.5 Pro and have been taken over to HD Plus!

Soundminer HD Plus Player - LegPicker NEW

Soundminer HD Plus Channel Picker

This is a key feature found on Soundminer V4.5 Pro and now Windows user have it as well. The monitor matrix allows you to cherry pick a channel to transfer. When you pick a channel the audition instantly switches to isolate that single channel.

Soundminer HD Plus Windows - New Toolbar

Soundminer HD Plus - New Toolbar

What’s an update without some moving of things around! The toolbar has been refined to the following... It's simpler to understand and cleaner. New in here is the Metadata Workflows (more information, please see below) and the Same Folder button. Same Folder shows sounds in the same folder as the current item.

Soundminer ProPack Database Selector - NEW

Soundminer HD Plus Windows Database Selector

Another new feature, not exclusive to the ProPack is the ability to quickly select databases. The next two buttons will expand the column widths to fill the selected item's metadata, and toggle the row height from expanded to collapsed.

Re-Record Button NEW

Soundminer HD Plus Windows - New Re-Record Button

Another very popular item from our V4 Pro product. This allows you to record anything that comes out of your speakers to a file. This includes pitch, volume, plugins. The file is recorded to your transfer path, and when you click stop, it loads up in the player where you can then select pieces to spot, or process it further! See it in action in the video below...

If you have an assistant, sitting the whole day in front of a tape-machine and recording your sound manipulations, you can search now another exciting work for your assistant (lawn mowing, car washing...).

Soundminer HD Plus Windows Supports Now VST Plugins NEW

Soundminer HD Plus Pro Pack supports now VST Plugins

Sound designers have long loved the v4.5pro VSTRack and it is available for pro Windows users now. Use the REC button to re-record all your manipulations now!

More general HD Plus improvements

Soundminer HD Plus  - Steinberg MediaBay support

Soundminer made additional tie ins for AVID, Steinberg, Reaper and more...

  • WDrag a PNG or JPG file onto Soundminer with some files selected to assign that picture to the artwork field.
  • Steinberg MediaBay support... view and use metadata in Cubase or Nuendo. (See Picture above)
  • No cap on the samplerate on transfer: HD Plus supports up to 96kHz, 192kHz
  • Reading of Reaper Region name for Dialog uses (scans into FXName)
  • ixml fields created in every database. (needed for the monitor matrix and production dialog)
  • Connect to the Soundminer MusicMiner Webinterface

Test Now The New Soundminer ProPack For Windows For Free!

...simply send us an email with your name. If you don't have an Soundminer HD Plus Windows license, send us your iLok ID. We send you back all the download information. Testing the ProPack is free for everyone until February 2017.