Soundminer HD Plus

Soundminer HD Plus

  • Set new standards in sound- and picture editing with Soundminer HD Plus. Use direct transfer to Pro Tools, Pyramix, Media Composer, Steinberg and many more.
  • Soundminer is the industry-standard software for the administration of sound and music archives.

Manage Sound Archives with Soundminer HD Plus

Searching, transferring and archiving are the main tasks of Soundminer HD Plus, a simple and intuitive software for the administration of sounds and noises (available for Windows and Mac). Soundminer HD Plus features the complete toolset needed for everyday sound editing work. With HD Plus, you can search for audio material, transfer files directly into the editing system of your choice or add metadata to new recordings.Soundminer HD Plus is a slimmed down, less expensive version of Soundminer V4 Pro that nevertheless sports a wealth of tools and features for the administration of sound material. HD Plus is aimed at both audio and video post-production professionals and is available as a network solution for both Windows and Mac.

Soundminer HD Plus Surface

Soundminer PLUS Purchase Options

Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS Product Artwork

Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS

Upgrade your Soundminer PLUS 64bit for Mac, Windows and Universal with extended functions from the Soundminer PRO PACK Addon for PLUS. Read more about Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS

Soundminer PLUS Apple Product Artwork

Soundminer PLUS Apple

Make your editing day easier with a comprehensive and reliable tool to manage your sound effects library. Read more about Soundminer PLUS Apple

Soundminer PLUS Universal Product Artwork

Soundminer PLUS Universal

Soundminer PLUS Universal has all the great benefits of PLUS for both the Macintosh and Windows platform - Your iLok license will run on either operating system. Read more about Soundminer PLUS Universal

Soundminer PLUS Windows Product Artwork

Soundminer PLUS Windows

Make your editing day easier with a comprehensive and reliable tool to manage your sound effects library. Read more about Soundminer PLUS Windows

Search and Find

Soundminer HD Plus Search and Find

Soundminer HD Plus sports the comprehensive search engine features of the v4 Pro software. You can Search and Find audio material by keyword, narrow your search by searching the 'locked' results again or use the Boolean search with AND, OR and NOT operators.

In every Soundminer software search results can be sorted by clicking the columns.

64 Bit iZotope Transfer

Soundminer HD Plus sports the fastest and best sampling rate converter! The iZotope SRC 64 Bit Sample Rate Converter allows you to transfer and copy selected audio material directly into your editing system. Alternatively, you can convert an entire folder into another format.

Soundminer HD Plus iZotope 64 Bit Transfer

A simple and intuitive user interface

Soundminer HD Plus Benutzeroberfläche

Direct integration with editing systems

Soundminer HD Plus allows you to transfer audio material directly into the timeline of most current editing systems. No matter whether you make a selection or transfer an entire file, you are ultimately in control where in your editing system the data will be placed. One push of the button will process the audio material with the help of the ultra-fast 64 Bit iZotope conversion engine. HD Plus automatically assigns a target folder and a resolution for your session, which allows you to concentrate on more important things and focus on the creative aspects of your work.

As of now, the following editing systems are supported (Spot To Timeline): Pro Tools 10, Pro Tools 11, Nuendo 5, Logic Pro 9, Soundtracks Pro, Pyramix (Mac only), Sequoia (planned)

Smart Drag And Drop

Transfer audio material conveniently with the Soundminer Smart Drag And Drop tool. Make a selection or grab the entire file—Smart Drag And Drop is the tool for easy transfers. Depending on your editing system, you can move audio material right into the audio bins or straight into the timeline—including your choice of resolution and format.

Smart Drag und Drop is supported by most editing systems, such as Pro Tools, Nuendo 5, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro 9, Soundtracks Pro, Pyramix, Digital Performer, Sony Vegas, Sound Forge, Ableton Live, AVID Media Composer, Digas, Sequoia (planned), etc.

Windows or Apple

Soundminer HD Plus is available for both Windows and Apple. The user interface looks the same for each platform and the functions are similar as well. This allows users to work cross-platform in large media corporations or studios.

Windows and Apple

For a small fee, Soundminer HD Plus Universal allows you to run the software under Windows and Apple with the same license. Universal features the exact same tool set as Soundminer HD Plus.

Soundminer HD Plus Universal: Windows und Apple Support

Soundminer Metadata Standard

Soundminer Metadaten Standard

Nearly all current sound and music archives comply with the metadata standard created by Soundminer. This means that you can simply import new archives.

Optimized data fields for music and sounds:

Soundminer HD Plus features two table layouts for either music or sounds, depending on their use. Music-specific data fields like 'Mood', 'Composer' and 'Featured Instrument' are not used for sound databases, which makes the database more accessible.

HD Plus Metadata Tools

Administrate metadata with HD Plus. Edit metadata directly in the HD Plus browser window and save it straight into the audio file. HD Plus also features text import and export functions to read metadata tables.

Soundminer HD Plus Metatag Editor

Server/Client Application

Soundminer Server/Client Application

Connect yourself and your team to the central audio server with HD Plus. You are in charge of administrating all sound material and assigning rights to users. With HD Plus Server you can assign the necessary user rights to your database and create a structured and efficient working environment.

Connection to v4 Pro

Should you have an audio network with v4 Pro, HD Plus Clients can easily connect to the v4 Pro server. With HD Plus you can use existing v4 databases or create new user groups for HD Plus Clients.

HD Plus Real-Time Pitcher

HD Plus comes with a high-quality pitcher to make changes to audio material—in real-time. Just as with old analogue tape machines, you can play back sounds faster or slower to create new sounds. The changes can be transferred directly into your editing system.

Apart from the continuous pitcher, a keyboard is available to change sounds based on intervals.

Soundminer HD Plus Pitcher Tool

LaunchPad: 3D graphic search engine interface

Soundminer HD Plus LaunchPad

Soundminer LaunchPad's search engine offers a number of different options for a graphic search—even without the use of keywords. Just scroll through the CD covers, click your way through the 3D wall or zoom into keywords.