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The DAW menu displays the applications that are currently open and able to communicate with Soundminer. If you are working with a 'common' editing system like Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix, Reaper... Soundminer will automatically make the selection.

If you are working with a different software like a picture editing system or a software sampler like Iris, make sure to select it! Depending on the application, Soundminer is now able to communicate with that system and share datas for example transfer path and others - which makes your work much easier!

Wow, show me more of that!

Please note: Your target app must be able to communicate or allow communication with Soundminer.

However, if Soundminer does not recognize your program, mail us! (Please don't mail us, if you're using Fairlight. Please see the next sentence...) But to be honest, in most cases the time has now come to switch to [insert here your own term for a contemporary system] editing system.