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2013-07-22 Creating Impulse Responses Tutorial Part 1

Spektrum Sweep Impulsantworten - Tutorial

Have a look at our detailed tutorial about impulse responses, recording sweeps. This is the first part of the tutorial. We'll have a look at the principles of convolution reverb, the difference between stereo, true stereo and multichannel impulse responses.

New: Roomtones V01 Sound Effects Libray

Room Tones And Impulse Responses

Room Tones: no matter where we are, they are there as well. They usually go unnoticed, but they surround us constantly. They are our daily companions. They are everywhere. Always. They are here with me right now and they are with you too, as you read these lines. They stay in the background, but they are there. They are the low hum of a computer, the continuous whir of a vent, the consistent noise of a fan, the sound of an electric device. They are the sum of an infinite number of reflections, i.e. static noise. Read more about the Room Tones Sound Library

2012-12-19 Impulse Responses For 3D Sound Formats

Impulsantworten für 3D Sound Systeme aufnehmen

For our new surround sound archive, which appears in the spring of 2013, we have added a new set of impulse responses. In this context, we have decided to consider the new 3D sound formats. What does this mean and how complex it is, was aware only gradually. Now, the first impulse responses for surround sound formats and 3D are finished and time to share a few impressions. Read here about our experience with impulse responses.

I will write a complete tutorial about creating impulse responses once this series of impulse responses is finished. More info can be found on this website. Alternatively, you can follow us on Google Plus.

2012-11-02 BBC Nature, Animal And Birds Sound Effects In New mp3 Quality To Preview

New mp3 quality for BBC Nature, Animals und Birds Online Preview Tracks

After upgrading the Coll Anderson preview tracks, all the BBC Animals, Birds and Nature Sound Effects are upgraded to higher mp3 quality for online preview. From the Costa Rican vultures, from bee eaters, cuckoos and woodpeckers are more than 10'000 sound effects from various birds from the BBC Nature Archive available for instant download in the online archive from Also the unique and impressive natural atmospheres from the BBC Nature Sound Effects Library are available online in new and clearer mp3 quality for preview.

Play BBC Natur Audio Demo

The BBC Nature Sound Archive includes a variety of unique and impressive sound recordings of birds and animals, and are identified and described by biologists.

Online Animal Sound Effects

Online Birds Archive

Online Atmospheres And Ambience

2012-10-15 Industrial Soundscapes Compact Released!

Industrial Soundscapes Compact Surround Sound Library

Industrial Soundscapes Compact from contains 100 hand-picked atmospheres from the massive Industrial Soundscapes Archive. Step into gigantic factory halls and feel the heat of molten steel; or smell the smoke and the dust in foundries, quarries and steel mills - captured in crystal-clear 24Bit 96kHz audio quality. Industrial Soundscapes Compact gives you 100 selected atmospheres from a multitude of industrial workplaces: steel mills, foundries, fettling shops, grinderies, strand casting, mechnical metal work, wood processing, paper factories, breweries, quarries and milling plants, old and new mills, as well as atmospheres from factory plants and industrial machinery. Read more about Industrial Soundscapes Compact...

Play the 'Industrial Soundscapes Compact' Audio Demo

The Industrial Soundscapes Compact Audio Demo featuring the original soundtrack from the Murkwood Film Project! Visit the independent Murkwood Movie Project

2012-09-13 New mp3 Preview Tracks for the Coll Anderson Sound Effects Collection

Coll Anderson Geräusch Archiv

All the great sound effects from the Coll Anderson Sound Effects Library have been updated to higher mp3 quality for online preview!

With much higher mp3 resolution for all preview tracks from this great collection, it is now possible to hear a better and much more detailed preview than before. Naturally, mp3 quality is still inferior to the original file and we still recommend that you to wear headphones. But we believe the new quality will preserve enough details from the original file for an acceptable preview.

The Coll Anderson Sound Effects Library contains the best from Coll Anderson, a well-known Sound Designer who worked on movies like 'Black Swan' and many others (IMDb). Coll Anderson gives us access to his personal sound effects library. The result is a great and unique library with lots of impressive sound effects. The Coll Anderson Sound Library contains more than 11,000 sound effects from all the major sound categories and is available as a complete library on request.

2012-09-01 New: Premiere Edition HD

Hollywood Edges Premiere Edition HD

Hollywood Edge releases the first High Definition sound effects collection from the Premiere Edition sound effects collections: Premiere Edition HD! Premiere Edition HD contains 2496 High Definition recordings in 24Bit 96kHz of general sound effects: Animals, Aircraft, Cameras, Cars, Traffic, Trains, Wagons, Doors, Constructions, Clocks, Foley's, Hospital Equipment, Household, Impact and Crashes, Sports and much more! The kit includes 2496 new and unique sounds on DVD or for direct download!

Download Free 'Premiere Edition HD' Sound Effects

View Premiere Edition PDF Tracksheet

More information about Premiere Edition HD

2012-08-09 New: City Sounds - Munich Sound Library

City Soundscapes - Munich Sound Library

The first part of our 'City Sound Collection' consists of the Munich sound pack. 'City Sounds - Munich' contains 53 new and contemporary recordings of Bavaria's capital city. This compact sound collection contains 53 new stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound audio tracks with more than 100 minutes of sound material that will transport you straight to the hustle and bustle of Munich's city centre.

Munich City Atmospheres

Stroll through the Bavarian capital and take an acoustic tour of the city. Visit one of the famous art galleries (Pinakotheken), frolic in the park of the Nymphenburg castle, join the crowds at the Vikualienmarkt, listen to the famous Glockenspiel on Munich's Marienplatz or drink beer in one of the city's numerous (and fabulous) 'Biergärten'.

All the recordings in 'City Sounds - Munich' were made in cutting-edge 24Bit 96kHz sound quality for a realistic reproduction of the location's current soundscape.

Click here to read more about the 'City Sounds - Munich' collection

View online index 'City Sounds - Munich'

2012-07-10 New Records from China and Tibet

New China and Tibet Records

In June 2012, journeyed to China to make sound recordings in China and Tibet. Finally, new and up-to-date recordings from those regions in 5.1 Surround Sound!

Tibetan prayer wheel with bell

The following recordings were made:

Read more about here

2012-05-10 Sound recording for Berlin City Sounds completed

City Sound Berlin Completed

Sound recordings made in Berlin in late May 2012 are the latest addition to the 'City Sound Collection' (due for release later this year). They will be bundled with recordings made in Hamburg and Munich (2011) as well as winter recordings made in Berlin in 2011. The new summer atmosphere recordings will complete the sound collection of German cities.

Despite the rather enthusiastic weather report, the plane I was on went through some turbulence during the landing approach. I quickly realized my trip was going to be a windy affair! When I finally arrived in downtown Berlin, I had only two choices: sit out the wind or look for other recording locations. I decided to do the latter, as sitting around wasn't going to get me anywhere. So instead of waiting for the wind to subside, I went looking for interesting interiors to record.

More information will uploaded soon.

2012-04-21 New Records from Warsaw!

New city atmospheres from warsaw

New city atmosphere recordings from warsaw, done in late April 2012. A little trip to this impressive city gave us the opportunity to record new sounds from warsaws alleys, city places, city traffic, some polish restaurant chatter and much more!

New 5.1 Surround Sound Library: Segue Surround

Room Tones Sound Effects Library from

SEGUE Surround 5.1 HD Sound Library

The Hollywood Edge is pleased to announce the release of Segue Surround 5.1 HD, a first-of-its-kind sound effects toolkit featuring more than 1100 whooshes, stingers, impact effects, atmospherics and other transitional elements created in true 5.1 surround sound. The huge collection is perfect for films, broadcast television, radio, commercials, trailers, interactive media, podcasts just about anything that needs that extra special sound effect!

'Segue Surround 5.1 HD' Audio Demo

Recorded and designed at 24bit 96khz in true 5.1 surround sound, this is the only SFX kit of its kind, including separately mixed 5.1 and stereo versions for sound design veterans and beginners alike! This is the surround sound effects kit you need to take your productions to the next level!