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Desolation Soundscapes Video Clip Online

Our new Sound Library Desolation Soundscapes has an own video demo now. Desolation Soundscapes - in The Revenant style. Enjoy.

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Desolation Soundscapes Audio Demo

The new Desolation Soundscapes Audio Demo is online now. It's designed in 'The Revenat' style. Enjoy!

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Soundminer Trick: How to convert audio files with more than 8 channels into FLAC Lossless

FLAC Lossless is, as the name suggests, a lossless, data compressed audio format. This allows up to 50% space in data saving and could save a few hundred gigabytes for bigger sound archives.

Up to a maximum of 8 audio tracks

FLAC currently supports multichannel files with a maximum of 8 audio channels. What do you do now with files, which include 10 or more tracks ??

The answer is actually quite simple: Convert the files in split instead interleaved. This is how it works with Soundminer V4 Pro - your favorite asset management software:

1. Select your files you want to convert

2. Then go to the main menu: Soundminer / Database / Mirror

3. Select your things and uncheck the interleaved checkbox!

4. Hit OK and wait until it's done...

So that was it. The WAV files get converted now into split files in the FLAC audio format. With that trick you can convert multichannel files with more than 8 audio tracks and save a lot of disc-space. Done with Soundminer V4 Pro.

No clue what split is??

No worries, split is a the audiofile split into it's single tracks while interleaved combines all tracks in one single file. So with split, you have 8 single files for example for an 8-channel audiofile, see the pic above. If you want to move it around, you have to take all the 8 files otherwise you make a mess and loose something. The same file in interleaved just shows one single file, with all the channels in it. Usually, interleaved is more handy, but for this, we need to make split.

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Social Media Update

Check out our new Facebook and Twitter account! We also have some other social media accounts but we will twitter that tomorrow :-)

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Mandalay Impressions

A visit at the royal palace. The old wooden palace unfortunately burned down, the reconstruction is highly controversial...

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New Sound Library Desolation Soundscapes Released

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Yangon: a city of buses, potholes and ravens

Yangon is not your typical Asian city. Unlike other crowded metropolises, Yangon's streets are not teeming with mopeds. Neither are there any agricultural vehicles or horse-drawn carriages blocking traffic in the city. The only thing you will find in the busy streets are fancy new cars and funky old buses.

For all those who cannot read the Burmese script, the criers on the public buses shout out the names of the stops (along with other pertinent travel information). With equal volume they also make sure passengers step on and off quickly.

It is worth noting that all the travel infos are also shouted out in Burmese, which means that pale-skinned Europeans tend to walk or take a cab.

Yangon is a colourful city during the day. But at night it is not well-lit and you have to be very careful not to step into one of the many gaping holes in the ground.

Apart from keeping an eye on the sidewalk, you will want to look up as well.

Pigeons are considered holy in this country, which means that feeding them is good karma. Apart from pigeons, the city is also host to countless ravens, whose omni-present cawing is one of its defining characteristics.

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It is hot in Yangon

Yes, it is hot in Yangon. Very hot. The quicker you learn to live with the heat the better. And it is quite alright to be a bit worried when the taxi driver welcomes you with the words "it is hot today" - at 9 o'clock in the morning! How much hotter can it possibly get later in the day? (Answer: a lot!)

In the end, the heat will become your loyal travel companion, increasing from day to day until - thank god or buddha - the rainy season eventually begins. But that is still a few weeks away....

Should the heat become too much to bear, it is wise to follow the Lying Buddha's example and lie down in the shade. But be aware: in Burma it is an offense to point your feet in someone's face!

The Buddha himself does not care about this, though, he carries the world and the universe on his soles.

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Field Recording in Myanmar

This is the delayed travel blog from the Avosound recordings from 1 to 26 March in Myanmar. Follow us on our trip to Burma. Creep with us through the undergrowth and the jungle, follow us through the thicket of myanmar's street markets and make a visit to Burma's most sacred place of Shwegadon Pagoda in Yangon.

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Reduced Customer Support between March 1. until March 26th

We are traveling, recording new material.

Please note, that in the time between March 1st and 26th the customer support is reduced. This means, it could take up to a week or more to answer. We try our best to help you, if there is any problem. To bring back fresh and clean records, we have to go far away from civilized paths. In this parts of world, connecting to internet is rar and difficult

Shop Infos

The shop is open in this time, so all orders can be done. If there is an error, we do our best to help you as soon as possible. We're back on the 26th of March.

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The new Avosound website is online

The new Avosound Website is online. Was a lot of work... Have fun with the new Spectro Player here.

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Sounddogs Anncounces new Pricing for Soundstorm

Soundddogs announces new pricing for the Soundstorm Motion Picture Sound Library. Soundstorm is now available for download or as a copy on harddrive. Soundstorm is one of most comprehensive sound libraries and won an oscar for the works for the movie 'The Ghost And The Darkness'. Soundstorm contains about 52'000 sound effects and is a great collection. Have a look here for more details...