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For more than 30 years, Soundelux was one of the leading audio post-production companies in Hollywood - and around the world. Soundelux is synonymous with ultimate quality; its library might well be the most comprehensive archive available for licensing.

The Soundelux Team won 22 Academy Award (51 Nominations), 41 Emmy Awards (112 Emmy Award Nominations) and many other awards. Ready for your own award? [ADD YOUR OWN AWARD HERE] with the massive and unique content of the Soundelux Sound Library.

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Once and forever, this is the final and correct information to view the hidden /Library folder from the Mac OS. We open the Terminal /Applications/Utilities/Terminal. Don't worry, the terminal will not bite and the command ist really only to make the invisible folder visible.

Unhide the Mac OS LibraryFolder

To make the Library folder visible, copy this code in the terminal window and hit enter

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

The Library folder is now visible.

To hide the Mac OS Library Folder

If you want to hide the folder, use this command:

chflags hidden ~/Library/

That's it. The Library folder is invisible now.

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See the Soundminer Launch Pad in action! The Launch Pad will be released in Soundminer V4.5 Pro Version 238. Read more about Soundminer V4 Pro

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We are proud to introduce the new Avoplayer! Avosound’s Avoplayer features simultaneous spectral and waveform displays of the sound material.

As we are understandably proud of our newborn player, we would like to treat all Avosound visitors exclusively - and for the first time - to a very special recording on the Avoplayer: the Bach Flower Duet in F Major - an entirely new and unique interpretation by the Royal Princess Orchestra, accompanied by the famous tenor, Alfred R. Klaxon.

Turn up the volume, kick back and enjoy the spectacle! - Play more sounds with the Avosound Spectro Player

Time: 0.00 / 1:10
Avoplayer © 2017 by AVOSOUND | #1
Avosound Waveform View Avosound Spectrum View

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The jungle is dark in the night. How large was that loud buzzing cricket? - Recorded in the jungle in Hispaw, Myanmar - and survived!

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When was the last time you held a frog in your hand? ...and yes! This frogs are really blue. Frogs and toads can be found here, the tracks are from the BBC Nature Sound Library with more than 100 frog sound effects.

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Is today one of those days?!?

Behave like a tern! Get angry, be aggressive and get loud! It's completely ok today!

And in case someone comes too close to you, then.... ...go wild with the BBC Nature Sound Library!

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They make you crazy?!?

Why not just leave the stuff and hang around in trees? ...Go wild with BBC Nature!

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If you thought a snow leopard is an OS system, then it's definitely time to go wild! Have a break with the fantastic BBC Nature Sound Effects Library and go wild with more than 2300 animal sounds and records!

Click here for the BBC Tracksheets or here to the Play BBC Nature Sounds or click here to find out that BBC Nature contains more than 13,600 records.

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