Licensing Sound Effects

Sound Archive - The Single User License

The Single User License - Overview

Sound Archive Licensing - Single User License

Sound archives are licensed, not sold. By purchasing a sound archive, one (1) person only (namely YOU) obtains the sole right to use the audio material.

As the licensed user, YOU are given the life-long right to use the sounds in the archive. No additional fees will be charged.

Using Sound Archives - Rights and Obligations

The use of a sound archive is dependent on the license agreement for the end user. This agreement comes into effect automatically upon purchase of the archive.

Sound Archives - Single User License: Rights

By purchasing a sound archive, only YOU will be granted the right to use the sounds for audio-visual productions. All rights to the original audio material remain with Avosound or with the rightful owner of the respective sound archive.

As a sound archive user, YOU will be granted the right to synchronise the sounds. In other words, YOU are authorised to mix and distribute original sound material with audio-visual content. As soon as the original sound material is mixed with other audio-visual material, the license agreement has been fulfilled.

Obligations of licensees

YOU are under NO circumstances allowed to make the original sound material accessible to other people. YOU are not allowed to make the original sound material accessible to third parties on an audio server or to distribute the original sound material to other people in a production session.

If you do wish to make the sound material accessible to other people, you will need to buy a multi-user license. The multi-user license can be acquired by paying an annual fee or by making a one-time payment (buyout).

Read more about multi-user licenses here.

For more details, please read the license agreement.

Examples of Single User License Applications for Sound Archives

Examples for applications that correspond to the synchronisation law (as described in the Avosound Single User License Agreement) include:

  • TV, film and radio productions
  • Video games
  • Podcasts
  • Internet-based media, e.g. YouTube videos
  • Live-performance in theater productsion
  • Live-performance in museums, galleries or art-installations

Please contact us directly for more information regarding Single User Licenses for sound archives