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Licensing Sound Effect Libraries

Single and Multiple Users, Custom Licensing

Single and Multiple Users, Custom Licensing

Here we've put together a basic guide intended to simplify your understanding of single user, multi-user and custom application licensing for sound effects.

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Basic License Types: Single User, Multi-User and Custom Application

Overview: Sound Effects Licensing is Similar to Software Licensing

Sound effects collections are sold and licensed in a manner similar to software applications. When you buy 1 copy of a software application, you are entitled to an individual, single-user license to use that software (see the Individual End User License). Similarly, when you purchase a Sound Effects collection or catalog from or any other manufacturer from this website, you are automatically entitled to 1 Single -User License to use and access that collection.

If you require that 2 or more users access that sound effects collection, you will need to obtain a Multi-User License from this manufacturer. As is the case with software, there are additional fees that apply for multiple users.