Licensing Sound Effects

Licensing Sound Effects

Client-specific Applications for Sounds and FX

Together with our licensing partners we offer comprehensive solutions for the licensing of sounds and sound FX for special applications not covered by the synchronisation law. A large number of sounds from an ever-growing catalogue (consisting of more than 150,000 sound FX of every variety) is available for special applications. If you are looking for a highly specific sound, we are happy to assist you with your search. And if what you are looking for is not yet in our catalogue, we will make sure to add it right away.

Applications not covered by the synchronisation law

As soon as sound material is mixed with other audio-visual material, the synchronisation law comes into effect. The synchronisation law also applies to sound material being played during stage or live performances as well as sound used to enhance actions in a computer game.

The following applications are not covered by the synchronisation law: sounds in smartphone apps, ebooks and ringtones; audio used for sound chips in toys, model trains. For more applications not covered by synchronisation law, please consult the list below.

Mechanical License

If you would like to use sound material specifically for one of the listed applications, we will issue a mechanical license in accordance with the rights owner. This license gives you the right to use the sound material for your applications. Please contact us if you are not sure whether your application requires a mechanical license. We are happy to help you.

Examples for special sound applications:

  • Sounds used for ringtones and for the sale of ringtones
  • Sounds for smartphone apps and tablets (e.g. iPhone, iPad Video games for mobile phones and smartphone (video games for gaming consoles and computers do not need a special license)
  • Announcer voices for phone answering machines and VoIP systems
  • Internet applications, media and content management tools (HTML/Flash/Java templates, blog applications, online games, media player and software)
  • Applications inside devices, machines, apparatuses that have a built-in sound chip, including other hardware applications like alarm clocks, alarm systems, software sound generators, messaging services etc.
  • Commercial toys
  • electronic and physical greeting cards
  • Sounds built into software chips and smart chips
  • Any resale through third parties

For queries regarding special applications for sounds and sound FX, as well as for questions regarding access to catalogue demo material Please contact us via or phone.