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Tibetan Atmospheres Version 1.00 Product Image

Tibetan Atmospheres Version 1.00

'Tibetan Atmospheres' contains more than 63 audio tracks and offers more than two hours of sound material from everyday life in Tibet. Read more about Tibetan Atmospheres

Tibetan Monasteries Version 1.00 Product Image

Tibetan Monasteries Version 1.00

Tibetan Monastery Atmospheres of a ceremonial nature: prayer wheels, bells, singing and debating monks, as well as background atmosphere Read more about Tibetan Monasteries

Tibetan Soundscapes Version 1.00 Product Image

Tibetan Soundscapes Version 1.00

Tibetian Soundscapes is a bundled package with Tibetian Monasteries and the Tibetian Atmospheres Sound Effects Collection - by Avosound! Read more about Tibetan Soundscapes