3D Sounds Systems, A Brief Overview

3D sound formats not only include the traditional 5.1 surround sound setup, they also add more channels for 3D sound effects. Like Dolby Atmos, the Auro-3D® 11.1 system also requires additional height channels. While Dolby Atmos can be fitted with many multiples of channels (up to 128 or more, according to the documentation from Dolby...), the Auro-3D® 11.1 system features a mere 11.1 channels. These 11 channels, however, are more than enough for the moment, so we will deal with the setup for Auro-3D® 11.1 first. Of course, the impulse responses can also be used for the Dolby system.

Auro-3D® 11.1

Auro-3D® 11.1 multichannel cinema setup

The Auro-3D system by Belgian developers Van Baelen includes a total of 11.1 channels. In addition to the original 5.1 channels, Auro adds another 5.0 system on top - as well as a 'Voice of God' channel embedded in the ceiling.

Auro-3D® 11.1: Channel Layout

Main LayerUpper Layer
Surround LeftSurround Left
Surround RightSurround Right
LFEVoice of God (VOG)