Sounddogs Fire and Explosions Sound Pack

Sounddogs Fire and Explosions Sound Pack

  • Sounddogs Fire and Explosions Sound Pack - 1,314 Fire Noises and Sounds - 13 GB Sound Material
  • Fire Sounds, Explosions, Fire, Fireballs, Gas and Gasoline Fire
  • And Extinguishing Fires too: Fire Alarm, Fire Sirens, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Fighter Sounds

Sounddogs Fire and Explosions Sound Pack

Sounddogs Fire and Explosions Sound Archive

The Sounddogs Fire Sound Archive contains 1,297 explosive sounds and noises in the fire category, such as various fire, fire sounds, firefighting equipment, flammable explosions, lighters, matches, dragon breath, fireballs and more.

The Sounddogs Fire Archive is an impressive collection of sound recordings, exclusively compiled from various Sounddogs sound archives and presented in a unified theme pack. The Sounddogs Fire Sound Archive contains an explosive mix of pyroclastic fire sounds: burning, blazing, igniting, glimmering and, of course, exploding (including debris and all-out destruction).

In addition, this archive contains fire alarm sounds and a collection of fire fighter sounds and related foley noises. With the Sounddogs Fire Archive you can create your very own Rambo movie and blow your audience away with realistic flame and explosion sounds!

Sounddogs - Fires is a Sounddogs product.

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The Sounddogs Fire Archive - Overview

If you happen to be a previously convicted pyromaniac, this archive is exactly what you've been looking for. The Sounddogs Fire Sound Archive will satisfy your craving for burning stuff or blowing it up - without causing anyone any harm, of course. Let other people burn their fingers instead (e.g. Rob Nokes, founder of Sounddogs), because that's what probably happened during the recording of the 1,297 fire sounds collected in the Sounddogs Fire Pack.

The Sounddogs Fire Archive contains not only burning fires and explosions, it also features a number of sounds related to putting out fires.

Fire Sounds - From Burning Match to Forest Fire

At first it's only a burning match -- then, suddenly, the whole forest is on fire. The Sounddogs Fire Pack contains a collection of burning matches and recordings of striking a lighter.

Things begin to heat up after that: camp fires, burning torches, small fires, mid-size fires, big fires. Finally, the whole barn goes up in flames: gas fires, blazing flames, gasoline fires, acetylene fires, cutting torches, out-of-control fire storms, flaming inferno.

Sounddogs Fire Sound FX Archive - From Burning Match to Forest Fire

Explosion Sounds, Flamethrower and Dynamite

In order to blow up stuff, you need more than just an explosion sound. For example, if you want to blow up a gas station, a fire ball or a gasoline fire is recommended.

Sounddogs offers you a great collection of sound effects, including lots of explosions: explosions with metal debris, big/small explosions, mortar explosions, gun powder explosions etc.

Fire Sounds - Extinguishing the Fire

A real pyromaniac first lights up a house, then helps extinguish the fire together with the fire department. The Sounddogs Fire Archive contains more than just blazing fires and explosion sounds -- it also features the sounds that come with extinguishing fires: fire alarm sounds as well as fire department alarm sirens, recordings of fire trucks and cars. The Fire Sound Pack from Sounddogs contains a beautiful collection of fire fighter sirens and recordings of fire department radio communications.

And here's some free advice from the fire fighting course book: always aim the fire hose at the source of the flames, not at the flames themselves!

Extinguishing Fires - Sound Recordings of Fire Fighters and Fire Extinguishing Tools

Fire Department Sounds - Foley Sounds

Before they can put out fires, fire fighters have to put on clothes. For the Sounddogs Fire Sounds Pack, Rob Nokes compiled a wealth of foley noises around fire fighter's uniforms and equipment. Metallic sounds created by fire fighter equipment even get their own category (they also take up several pages on the track sheet). The recordings include all sorts of fire department equipment, both big and small, as well as other devices and sound variations.

Fire Sounds: of Dragons and Fireballs

The Sounddogs Fire Sound Pack is the comprehensive help tool for all pyro-heavy scenes and sequences that require something to burn, blaze or blow up.Fire Sounds from Sounddogs is the archive for you, if you want to play with fire.

All necessary fire sounds have been compiled in the Sounddogs Fire Sound Archive -- even genuine fire-breathing dragons (...not!). Thanks to the Fire Sounds Pack you will no longer have to build a fire from scratch. Throw away those matches and lighters -- from now on you will only need the Fire Sounds from Sounddogs for your next barbecue! Let's go light up a house next...

Sounddogs Fire and Explosion Sounds - Sound Recordings of Flames and Fireballs