City Soundscapes Berlin

City Soundscapes Berlin

  • -More than 180 Berlin tracks
  • -More than 6 hours of sound material
  • -High Definition 24Bit / 96kHz
  • -3 Audio Formats: 180 tracks each in 5.1 Surround Sound, Stereo and Stereo MS

City Soundscapes Berlin Sound Library

City Soundscapes Berlin: Avosound Sound Archive

City Soundscapes Berlin from Avosound is a comprehensive collection of Berlin sounds and contains more than six hours (or 61GB) of audio material. More then 180 audio tracks will transport you straight to Berlin. Join us for a tour of Alexander Platz, a ride on the subway or a stroll through Berlin. Recorded in stages, City Soundscapes Berlin contains recordings from different seasons of the year. City Soundscapes Berlin is a High Definition Sound Archive in 24 Bit / 96kHz quality and is available in three different audio formats (stereo, stereo MS and 5.1 Surround Sound) that will make you feel as if you were actually in Berlin.

City Soundscapes Berlin is an Avosound product.

2 Customer Reviews

, Sound Designer / Sound Editor, Germany
"I listened to your Berlin collection and there are a lot of beautiful recordings, I'm happy to use them!"
, Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer,
"It's almost absurd that I, as a Berlin native, would buy a Berlin sound archive from a Swiss company. But after listening to the previews, I was instantly convinced. Avosound has always delivered high-quality recordings—and this massive, modern collection of easy-to-use Berlin at"

Shivering and sweating in Berlin

Shivering and sweating in Berlin

If you've ever been to Berlin in the winter, you will remember how bone-chillingly cold the winds blow through the streets. During this time of year, Berlin is a forlorn and gray place; but when spring arrives, Berlin blossoms into a pleasantly green city filled with parks and trees.

The City Soundscapes Berlin Sound Archive contains both seasons. The Berlin audio files were recorded in stages during winter 2014 and spring 2015.

City Soundscapes Berlin Index Overview

City Soundscapes Berlin Category Index List

City Soundscapes Berlin Location Index List

  • Ahornsteig, Berlin, Germany
  • Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany, Germany
  • Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany
  • Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany
  • Am Lustgarten, Berlin, Germany
  • Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Bergmannstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany
  • Dircksenstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Dorothea-Schlegel Platz, Berlin, Germany
  • Dorotheenstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Frankfurter Tor, Berlin, Germany
  • Fredersdorfer Strasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Georgenstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Gneisenaustrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Gubenerstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Hackesche Höfe, Berlin, Germany
  • Hackescher Markt, Berlin, Germany
  • Heidereutergasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Holzmarktstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
  • Jannowitzbrücke, Berlin, Germany
  • Karl Marx Allee, Berlin, Germany
  • Kreuzberg Park, Berlin, Germany
  • Lichenberger Strasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Lustgarten, Berlin, Germany
  • Main Station, Berlin, Germany
  • Monbijoupark, Berlin, Germany
  • Museumsinsel, Berlin, Germany
  • Neue Wache Memorial, Berlin, Germany
  • Otto-Braun Strasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
  • Sarotti Höfe, Berlin, Germany
  • Spreebogenpark, Berlin, Germany
  • Subway Station Frankfurter Tor, Berlin, Germany
  • Tegel Airport, Berlin, Germany
  • Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany
  • Tierpark, Berlin, Germany
  • Train Station Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Train Station Hermannplatz, Berlin, Germany
  • Train Station Hermannplatz, Hamburg, Germany
  • Uhlandstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  • Unter den Linden - Hinter dem Giesshaus, Berlin, Germany
  • Washingtonplatz, Berlin, Germany
  • Weberwiese, Berlin, Germany

Comprehensive collection of basic atmospheres from Berlin

City Soundscapes Berlin contains a massive collection of everyday sounds from Germany's capital city: street traffic; restaurant and coffee shop atmospheres; public spaces; parks and backyard atmospheres; recordings from the Berlin subway, subway station and railway station; and, last but not least, recordings from the Tegel airport.

Comprehensive collection of basic atmospheres from Berlin
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City Soundscapes Berlin: a city guide

City Soundscapes Berlin: a city guide

For the sake of clarity only part of the recording locations are marked.

Historical recordings from 2014

Yes, you have read right: historical recordings from the year 2014! We are particularly proud to present authentic 2014 recordings in High Definition from the Tegel airport in Berlin. Tegel will be closed down as soon as the new airport Schönefeld opens for business. Although the good people of Germany will not like to hear this, the new airport in Schönefeld is a national disaster and the main reason why Tegel is still operational (and this isn't about to change soon).

Be it as it may, the moment Schönefeld airport becomes operational, Tegel will be shut down and our recordings will gain in historical value.

Historical recordings from 2014
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Berlin Railway Stations and Subway

Berlin Railway Stations and Subway

Berlin has an excellent railway and subway network that encompasses the whole city. Parts of the railway network are overground, which lends a particular sonic quality to the whole city. For this reason, we visited several railway stations in Berlin and captured their unique sounds in our recordings. Now you too can visit the Friedrichstrasse station or Berlin's multi-storey main station. Or you can catch a ride on the s-train and subway or change trains at Hermannplatz and Potsdamer Platz or simply enjoy listening to the passing trains at the Berlin subway stations.

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Soundminer Metadata

Soundminer Metadata

All Avosound sound archives come with extensive and precise metadata that can be read with administration software from Soundminer (as well as various others).

Genuine 5.1 Surround Sound Recordings

In order to deliver genuine 5.1 Surround Sound recordings, all Avosound Surround Sound atmospheres were recorded with high-end multi-channel equipment. High-quality microphones are the foundation for clean atmosphere tracks. Although recording 'street noise' might not seem like a very demanding task, the actual sound files consist of a multitude of delicate elements that require the same high-quality recording technology as more aggressive sounds (e.g. a rumbling street car). The recordings were made with Neumann microphones (KM 140 / KM120 in MS stereo configuration) as well as with classic DPA models from the 4000 series. Our recorder of choice is the tried and true Sound Devices 788T that always performs to the highest standards.

Alternative Formats in Stereo and Stereo MS

Similar to other Avosound City Soundscapes archives, City Soundscapes Berlin contains alternative sound formats for pure stereo applications. The stereo versions are neither mix-downs nor generated tracks, but true front channel tracks of the original 5.1. Surround Sound recordings. Because the sounds were recorded in MS stereo, the atmospheres are available in the popular MS stereo sound format, which is often used in audio post-production.

All tracks are also individually available for download

All tracks in the City Soundscapes Berlin sound archive are also individually available for download. You can preview all the tracks in mp3 quality in the Avosound Online Sound Archive and then order and download them instantly.

In addition to the mp3 preview, all sounds in the Avosound Online Sound Archive feature a waveform and spectrum monitor that provide visual information about the recording. Please click here to browse the Archive.