Library Waveform Filename add Description info Channels Duration ShortID Category Subcategory
1 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100l.wav Warfare, World War II: Heavy Barrage Rec. During Attack On The Siegreied Line, Reischwald Forest - 1945 (500W)
2.0 1:54


World War II Gunfire

2 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100j.wav Warfare, World War II: British Artillery (World War II Actuality) - 1975 (500S)
2.0 2:42Military World War II Gunfire
3 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100e.wav Warfare, World War II: Machine Gun And Small Arms Fire, Bessa Guns, Enemy Shells Landing (some In Canal) - 1945 (500X)
2.0 1:52Military World War II Gunfire
4 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100f.wav Warfare, World War II: Enemy Mortar Fire From 400 Yards - 1945 (500X)
2.0 1:40Military World War II Gunfire
5 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100a.wav Warfare, World War II: Rifle And Machine Gunfire- 1945 (500Y)
2.0 1:53Military World War II Gunfire
6 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100b.wav Warfare, World War II: Enemy Shell, Mortar Fire, MG 42 (nickname Spandau) Machine Gunfire In Background - 1945 (500Y)
2.0 1:21Military World War II Gunfire
7 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100i.wav Warfare, World War II: Artillery With Machine Gun Fire - 1975 (500S)
2.0 3:00Military World War II Gunfire
8 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100k.wav Warfare, World War II: Heavy Barrage, Occasional Faint Bagpipes Rec. During Attack On The Siegfried Line, 1945 (500W)
2.0 3:24Military World War II Gunfire
9 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100h.wav Warfare, World War II: Enemy Artillery (World War II Actuality) - 1975 (500S)
2.0 2:59Military World War II Gunfire
10 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100c.wav Warfare, World War II: MG 42 (nickname Spandau) Machine Gun, Bren Gun, Small Arms Fire, Bofor Gunfire - 1945 (500X)
2.0 2:24Military World War II Gunfire
11 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100g.wav Warfare, World War II: Enemy Mortar Fire From 400 Yards - Nebelwerfer (6 Barrelled Mortar) From Enemy Lines - 1945 (500X)
2.0 1:02Military World War II Gunfire
12 BBC Sound Effects Library WorldWarIIGuns.BBC.ECD100d.wav Warfare, World War II: Allied 3"" Mortars, Burst Of Machine Gunfire, Rec. Netherlands - 1945 (500X)
2.0 0:50Military World War II Gunfire