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Explosion Sound Effects

The definition of an explosion sounds like this: 'An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures. And so on...' In short, an explosion is a very loud noise, created if you blow something up. On this page from the Avosound Online Sound Effects Library, we have a closer look on explosion sound effects, how to record them without loosing finger, arms or even your life.

Explosion Sounds Effects - Read this first

If you plan to record explosion sounds, keep in mind that an explosion can kill you. So, if you do not want to drastically shorten your lifetime, or you do not want to life without helpful things like fingers, hands, feet, arms or the ability to hear, ask someone who knows what he is doing and focus yourself on your recording! Avosound is not responsible for the above.mentioned losses of beloved body parts, your ability to hear, beloved humans like your husband, wife or anyone else. Explosions are dangerous and can be extremely loud. So if you are a pyrotechnic enthusiast but do not want to shorten your lifetime, we highly recommend our explosion sound effects archive with lots of great recordings with explosion sound effects, blast and detonations.

Explosion Sound Effects - An Overview

The Avosound Sound Effects Library features a large collection of explosion sound effects, blasts and detonation or different intensities and varying sizes - without bringing anyone in danger! Military equipment often provides the source of classic explosion sound effects. Shots from big cannons or guns from tanks or ships provide a good basic sound to use for explosion sound effects.

Blasts vs Explosion Sounds

When using explosion sound effects as a sound editor, we distinguish between blasts and explosions. The character of an explosion sound effect usually should be a pure explosion to underlay a secondary explosion sound to create a bigger or more intense explosion sound effect. This technique is called layering sounds. Sound effects and sound recordings of blasts are often mixed with debris, for example when blasting a building that collapses.

The Sound of Explosion

In this section we consider the pure acoustic event of an explosion without its moral or ethical intent. The original sound of an recording from an explosion often does not meet the expectations from an audience. Therefore, the sound fo an exploding bomb is usually a creation of various sounds, layered and mixed together in post production to create the impact and intense of a massive explosions.

Explosion sound effect often are recorded by extra sound recordings. For this purpose, a professional pyrotechnician uses appropriate material to create a strong and loud explosion blast to get a realistic explosion sound effect. The sound of an explosion, we want to use in cinema should be strong and loud, a sharp attack and lot's of low end. To record an explosion sound effect with all those elements in it is probably not possible, so cutting them together with different elements that combine those elements gives you the necessary size of your explosion sound effect you want. This techique is called: Layering of Sounds and you will find an article about this in the article section of the Avosound website.

Avosound Explosion Sound Effects

The Soundstorm and Sounddogs sound libraries contains a wide variety of all kind of explosion sound effects. No matter if you want to blow up a house, tower or a whole landscape, you will find the appropriate sound material (If you want to blow ap something in real life, please read the Appendix below). Explosion sound effects with a sharp attack creates the the illusion of a close an strong explosion. If you want to make it bigger, add another explosion sound effect with a 'strong body' to the sharp attack. With 'strong body' we mean a general loud explosion sound with lots of low end. And if you want to have your explosion sound more in the distance, reduce the sharp attack and add a reverberant explosion sound effect with natural echos to the track. By plain around with the sound level of two or three explosion sound effects, you can create your individual explosion sound from the size and perspective you need.

Finish Edited Explosion Sound Effects

The Avosound Online Sound Library provides you a great selection of explosion sound effects from the size and perspective you need. You will find explosion effects with debris, simple explosion sound effects from small size, explosion from black powder bombs, pipe bomb explosion sounds up to massive destruction of an atomic bomb. Also there are other syles of explosion sound effects like gas explosion. Gas explosion sounds different than powder explosion. Gas or explosion from liquids like petrol or diesel creates a fireball with a large whoosh. Also this styles of explosion sound effects can be found in the online library as finish tracks or as sound elements.

Explosion Sounds - Appendix

Please note, Avosound does not sell any real bombs and does not have any nuclear material in it's cupboards or storehouse. If you are a terrorist and are looking for bombs, please think about a peaceful way to attach your request. And also think about in general about your way of life. It is simply wrong. Any request for weapons and bombs not related to explosion sound effects or sound recordings will not be answered. We are peaceful, please be peaceful too.

1 SoundStorm Library Sounddogs Explosion Category, SoundDesign-ProcessedExpl_1 Sound Effects Waveform SoundDesign-ProcessedExpl_1.wav $ 4.66* Sound Design - Processed Explosions Bangs - Deep, Pitch Shifted Impacts, Long Reverb Tails 2.0



1:11 16 Bit / 48000 kHz 161162 SoundStorm Library
2 SoundStorm Library Sounddogs Explosion Category, SoundDesign-ProcessedExplos Sound Effects Waveform SoundDesign-ProcessedExplos.wav $ 4.71* Sound Design - Processed Explosive Whooshes - Flanged And Reverbed, Effects Device Overloads, Deep And Bassy 2.0 Explosion Explosions 1:14 16 Bit / 48000 kHz 161163 SoundStorm Library