Soundminer PLUS

Soundminer PLUS

  • Take your picture- and sound-editing to a new level with Soundminer PLUS: the Soundminer software will handle all data transfers and file searches while you focus on your work and your ideas.
    PLUS offers direct and highly efficient integration with Pro Tools, Pyramix, Media Composer, Final Cut, Nuendo and many other edit systems.
    Soundminer is the world's leading audio file management software for sound & music archives and the number one professional application used in studios.

Soundminer PLUS - Audio File Management System for Sounds and Music

Searching, transferring, and archiving are the three main tasks executed by Soundminer PLUS, a straight-forward and intuitive music and sound management software for Windows and Mac. Soundminer PLUS features the complete range of tools for everyday sound editing: search for audio material with PLUS, then transfer it directly into your preferred edit system and/or add metadata to new recordings.

Soundminer PLUS is the budget version of Soundminer V6 PRO. Although it is a 'lighter' version, it still features impressive specs and a comprehensive toolset for the management of audio files. PLUS is aimed at professionals working in sound- and picture-editing and is network compatible (both Windows and Mac).

The PLUS professional toolset can be expanded with the Pro Pack add-on. The radium sampler along with the integrated VST Plugin Rack will open many new possibilities for sound designers: click through individual tracks of multi-channel recordings with the Legpicker and record your sound manipulations with the record switch.

Soundminer PLUS User Interface

Soundminer PLUS Purchase Options

Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS V6 Product Artwork

Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS V6

Upgrade your Soundminer PLUS V6 for Mac, Windows and Universal with extended functions from the Soundminer PRO PACK Addon. Read more about Pro Pack Upgrade für Soundminer PLUS V6

Server Addon Product Artwork

Server Addon

The Server Addon for Soundminer PLUS enables a connection to the Soundminer Server Databases. This extension is for Soundminer PLUS for Windows, Apple or Universal Read more about Server Addon

Soundminer V6 PLUS Apple Product Artwork

Soundminer V6 PLUS Apple

Make your editing day easier with a comprehensive and reliable tool to manage your sound effects library. Read more about Soundminer V6 PLUS Apple

Soundminer V6 PLUS Universal Product Artwork

Soundminer V6 PLUS Universal

Soundminer V6 PLUS Universal has all the great benefits of PLUS V6 for both the Macintosh and Windows platform - Your iLok license will run on either operating system. Read more about Soundminer V6 PLUS Universal

Soundminer V6 PLUS Windows Product Artwork

Soundminer V6 PLUS Windows

Make your editing day easier with a comprehensive and reliable tool to manage your sound effects library. Read more about Soundminer V6 PLUS Windows

Soundminer PLUS - Search and Find Audio Content

Soundminer PLUS connects your archive with your editing system. The Soundminer applications offer a simple and streamlined workflow that directly integrates with various edit systems. Transfer your sounds into the timeline with a push of a button: [CMD S]. No need to worry about resolution or storage locations.

But Soundminer PLUS can do even more: in the next video, Steve will explain the essential features of Soundminer BASIC and Soundminer PLUS:

Soundminer Video: Soundminer BASIC and PLUS essential features

Search archives and find audio files

Soundminer PLUS Benutzeroberfläche

Soundminer PLUS features a comprehensive search engine that will efficiently scour even the biggest archives containing hundreds of thousands of files.

You can search/find audio files based on keywords and further refine the results until you end up with a concise selection.

Soundminer PLUS offers not only keyword-based search functionality, it also features complex search operators such as AND, OR, and NOT. Naturally, all search results depend heavily on the quality of the metadata!

With all Soundminer applications, search results can be sorted and organised by clicking on the columns.

Search functions of the Soundminer applications

In this video, Steve explains the basic functions of the Soundminer applications. PLUS, Soundminer V6 PRO and Soundminer BASIC offer the same, or similar, basic search and transfer functions.

Steve explains how all the search options in the Soundminer applications work, including individual searches.

Soundminer Video: search and transfer functions of PLUS and BASIC explained

Search functions of Soundminer: Soundminer PLUS and BASIC

  • Text search, boolean search / additive search: 0.00 - 0.54
    Standard text search with search operators such as AND, OR and NOT.
  • Word search or right pane search: 0.54 - 1.45
    Word search is different from the text search. Word search can be done in the right pane.
  • Extended search: 1.46 - 2.10
  • Linked filter search / left pane 2.10 - 2.59
    Filter search results with the linked filter in the left pane.
  • Filter browser 2.59 - 3.41
    Search your archive with the filter browser according to categories, sub-categories and other metadata.
  • Search and use of the folder browser, same folder and file path search 3.41 - 4.13

Sound transfer explained: send audio files directly to your editing system

Transferring files is one of the fundamental features of the Soundminer applications. Your Soundminer software basically handles the transfer duties and sends the files to the target application, i.e. your edit system. Depending on the application, Soundminer will execute tasks in the background and process session data such as resolution, frame rate, and target folder. This includes saving the sound files - plus metadata - in your edit system.

  • Soundminer file transfers explained 4.14 - 4.30
    Reference and copy transfers explained
  • Reference transfer with Pro Tools 4.30 - 5.28
    Reference transfer will let your edit system process the transfer
  • Send To Transfers 5.28 - 5.49
  • Spot To Timeline 5.50 - 7.40
    Spot is a transfer processed by Soundminer. Soundminer handles both the target file conversion and resolution and saves the audio file in its destination.
  • Smart Drag Transfer hand tool 7.41 - 8.20
    The Smart Hand Tool - handles conversions into the target format and allows you to save the file in the edit system.
  • Bring Into DAW 8.20 - 8.40
  • Transfer History 8.40

Soundminer BASIC and PLUS Basic Features

Soundminer BASIC and PLUS feature the following basic functions:

  • 64 Bit compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Comprehensive search engine functionality with keyword search, full text search, linked search with left pane filter, filter search, extended search, locked search, in-field search, folder search
  • Transfers: Spot to Timeline, Smart Drag / Hand Tool, Bring Into
  • Sound formats: WAV, AIF, FLAC
  • Resolution: BASIC up to 96kHz, PLUS up to 192 kHz
  • Real-time pitcher for pre-listening and real-time pitching rendered in transfers
  • User interface customisation: individual colours, font size
  • Text Import / Export
  • Individual arrangement of databases and data fields in the Soundminer browser
  • Multi-channel support, playback of max. 2 audio channels
  • Soundminer Audio Player with horizontal waveform zoom, loop, and Sum to Mono functions

Soundminer PLUS Features

The following features are only available with Soundminer PLUS and Soundminer V6 PRO :

  • Metadata workflow window - for batch processing and metadata processing
  • Metadata changes: PLUS allows you to change all writeable metadata fields
  • Project folder and playlist import/export
  • Rewire support up to max. 2 channels
  • Audio resolution up to 192 kHz
  • Batch transfer including conversion into other audio formats (max. 1,000 tracks simultaneously)
  • Show Dirty Records - display modified data not yet saved in the audio file
  • Auto-Fade

PLUS Extra Features available with the optional Pro Pack:

  • Soundminer Radium Sampler
  • DSP Plugin Rack - for the integration of VST plugins
  • Leg Picker - multi-channel audio channel picker to select and transfer individual audio channels for multi-channel recordings
  • Record - real-time sound recording of modifications to plugins and audio controllers
  • Mirror Transfer Tool
  • Combine
  • Tag To Database function - select files and send them to a specific database

The server add-on for Soundminer PLUS offers Soundminer Server integration. Soundminer Server allows you to manage sound files, users, and access rights via a central server.

  • Soundminer Server Support
  • HTTP Support
  • Connect to Musicminer Web Interface

Soundminer Metadata Workflow - Soundminer PLUS

Soundminer PLUS Metatag Editor

Discover infinite options to improve your metadata with the Soundminer Workflow Tool: Search & Find text or text passages; replace words and characters; remove individual letters and characters from your metadata; generate metadata based on other metadata fields, etc.

Create entire processing commands by connecting individual function commands. Save your processing chains as templates for simple and efficient execution of repeat tasks.

The Soundminer Workflow Tool is your main tool for editing metadata.

PLUS and BASIC – A simple, streamlined user interface

In this vintage video, Soundminer developer Justin demonstrates various features of PLUS along with customizable options for the PLUS and BASIC user interface.

Justin explains how to create tables, shift columns, change the font size, etc.

Sound Design Features – Real-Time Pitcher

The Soundminer applications are more than just file management tools. The real-time pitcher is a simple feature that allows you to change the pitch of a sound. Both the changes and the pre-listening mode are available in real-time, giving you infinite creative possibilities when selecting sounds. With a push of a button, you can then transfer your rendered file directly to your edit system.

This is only one of many sound design features that allow you to create new sounds. The Pro Pack add-on package for PLUS as well as Soundminer V5 Pro both feature a comprehensive range of tools, including VST plugin integration, recording of real-time modifications into a separate audio file, and access to the mighty Radium sampler.

Soundminer HD Plus Pitcher Tool

Windows or Apple

Soundminer PLUS Universal: Windows and Apple Support

Soundminer PLUS and BASIC are available for both Windows und Apple. Both platforms feature the same user interface and the same functionality. This simplifies software management particularly for large companies such as studios or media corporations.


The universal option of Soundminer BASIC and PLUS is compatible with both Windows and Mac licences.

File management via central server

Connect your team members with PLUS to the central audio server with the PLUS Server Extension or Soundminer V5 Pro. Manage audio material, users, and metadata via a centralised hub and keep all your files and sounds neatly arranged.

The Soundminer Server offers you a cutting-edge, streamlined workflow that will make even the most hectic day in the edit bay a breeze. It allows you to create archives with their own user circles and database administrators. In other words, you get to decide who has (viewing) access to which database.

Soundminer Server/Client Management