Soundchute und Metasync

Soundchute und Metasync

  • Share your work with clients and fans with the Soundminer Cloud Soundchute. Thanks to the Soundminer web interface, your clients can now listen to your work, browse the files, make a purchase, and download. With the Metasync add-on, you decide what is accessible online.
  • Offers start at only USD 60.00 per month.
  • It's as simple as that!

Soundchute und Metasync

Share your sounds and/or music publicly with the Soundminer Cloud Soundchute! With the Soundminer MusicMiner web interface your clients and your fans can listen to your work, browse the files, and download them. The E-Commerce module allows you to accept payments and sell your work.

Soundchute is easy to use. The Metasync add-on allows you to sync your sounds to your Amazon Cloud storage. Soundchute will do the rest for you.

Soundchute prices start at USD 60.00 per month. The price depends on the required amount of storage.

Contact us for a non-binding quote.

Soundchute und Metasync

What is Soundchute?

Soundchute is a Cloud-based solution for Soundminer V6 PRO users. Use the Cloud to backup sound material or to access your sounds from all over the world.

If you're in the business of producing sound material, music, production music, or sound design elements, Soundchute and the Cloud are the best way to share your work with others. You can make your creative efforts accessible online via a web interface. Your clients can search, preview, and download your sound material.

Via an optional E-Commerce module, you can offer individual sounds and tracks for sale.

Soundchute and Metasync Video

Sync your local sounds with the Soundchute Cloud by using the Metasync add-on tool from Soundminer.

How does Soundchute work?

When you subscribe to Soundchute, you will receive the Soundminer V6 PRO add-on, Metasync. This little app serves as the connection to your cloud. With Metasync, you can define what you would like to share or load into your Cloud.

That's about as much info as you'll ever need. Have a look at this video to see how Soundminer collaborates with Metasync and Soundchute.

Downloading Sounds from Soundchute - with the Download Manager

Soundchute Video: How to work with the Soundminer Download Manager for the Soundminer Cloud web portal

If your clients have to download several tracks or access your sounds frequently, the free Soundchute add-on Download Manager is a great tool to simplify the downloading process.

Download Manager enables you and your clients to choose the audio format and resolution of the tracks and to download them locally.

Watch the Soundminer video to get an idea of how easily the Download Manager downloads sound material from your Soundchute Cloud.

What does Soundchute cost?

The Soundchute price depends on the required storage space and the number of tracks you share. Soundchute starts at USD 60.00 per month for up to 300 audio tracks. Please contact us for a non-committal quote and let us know how many tracks you have.

The Soundchute subscription is automatically renewed every month. It can be cancelled within 30 days.

Soundchute Cloud Webinterface or API

We offer a cutting-edge, intuitive web interface to share your sounds publicly. The Soundchute web interface allows your clients to browse your sounds, create playlists, and download them - that is, if you give them permission to do so.

Watch the how-to video to find out more about the web interface.

The Soundchute web interface gives you various display options and allows for individual arrangements via graphic design and CSS.

If you want to use your own website design or integrate the Soundchute clowd solution in your own website, please contact us. We'll tell you more about for custom designs and how to use the Soundchute API.

Soundchute Webinterface Video

Soundchute Video: Das Soundminer Soundchute Webinterface erklärt

Soundchute API

If you would like to embed Soundchute into your website, Soundminer offers a gateway for your web designer to request and issue your data.

Contact us if you would like to request more information.